24 years

I’m reading a book thing right now that will be considered a continuing education course when I’m finished with it and take the online test.  Here’s a line from the book…………….  Am I allowed to put lines from the book on my blog?  Oh well I don’t really care.  Here’s the line……………….  “All those involved in this controversy agree that there is not only a need for a more scientific foundation of therapeutic intervention but also for better documentation of the benefits of stroke rehabilitation (Mauritz 1990).”

Please take note of the date there.  1990.  It is now 20 almost 14.  In 24 f’ing years there hasn’t been these improvements made in stroke rehab?  Reading this is raising my blood pressure.  I might have to stop, high blood pressure is the cause of strokes in humans.  That’s what some lady told me a month ago when I was walking my dog.

By the way, the word ‘repetition’ wasn’t mentioned until page 23.  I just thought that was interesting.  I’m too damn critical.

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5 replies

  1. I am completely agree with you Amy!

  2. You must be a special cyborg to have blood pressure. Everyone in the stroke world is waiting for someone else to take the lead. We’ve got a bunch of namby-pamby tip-toers unwilling to take any chances by leading.

  3. You can directly quote up to a certain number of words – sorry, but I don’t remember how many – as long as you include an attribution giving credit to the specific source, including author, title, publisher, edition, and page number. You’re missing a lot, but we won’t rat you out.

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