Month: December 2013

2013 in review

WordPress just sent me an email summing up my stats for the year, I thought it was interesting………..   The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: Madison Square Garden can seat… Read More ›


I was told recently by someone who knows me and that reads my blog that I seem like 2 different people.  Well, I’m sure that’s true, but I also think that my personality and sense of humor come shining through. … Read More ›


My major in college was Kinesiology.  Nobody has ever heard of that word.  Kinesiology is the study of movement.  That’s the major everyone chooses that wants to go to PT school.  Had I not gone to PT school, I really… Read More ›

Night and Day

I’ve talked before about what an impact stress can have on a person but let me tell you something.  When I got sick, I was living in an absolutely awful, miserable situation that no one on the planet knew was… Read More ›

Neck Retractions

When I was working, I went to all kinds of classes and took some tests to become certified in this.  It’s a super duper way to treat back and neck pain based on patient movement.  It takes 3 or 4… Read More ›


One of the people who I love most in whole world had a baby yesterday.  His name is Edward Joseph and they’re gonna call him EJ.  Congratulations Vicki and Korey, I love you!  Korey if you see this, I told you… Read More ›


When someone has trouble performing an exercise, making that exercise ‘gravity-eliminated’ is often helpful. So what the hell does that mean? That means that if someone is not strong enough yet to perform an exercise like for instance shoulder abduction… Read More ›

Empathy vs. Sympathy

I linked to this blog post in my previous post but I’m linking again because I think it’s really good and important.  There is a BIG BIG difference between empathy and sympathy.  I’ve gotten a whole of a lot of sympathy, not… Read More ›


Repetition is the key to recovery, the comments of this blog post says so.  My cousin reads my blog and she is having some shoulder issues.  I just emailed her to ask how she was doing and she said she’s… Read More ›