Rolling Over

Tiniree said that she was discharged from the hospital without having been taught how to more easily roll over and get up.  This bothered me for 2 reasons………

1. It was obviously important to her and……..

2. Rolling over was one of the first skills that I was taught in PT school in my stroke unit

But I wasn’t taught this skill when I was in the hospital.  I don’t know, I don’t think I know anything anymore.  I couldn’t remember what they taught us in school, I had to e-mail a former classmate and ask.  (Thanks MK for the detailed response)!  Remember that I was an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist so I never did this in my practice.  So that’s my excuse for not remembering this.  Here’s my classmate’s awesome, detailed response……

Here is what I remember, assuming left-sided paresis(weakness):
1. Sleeping on the left side of the bed so that his right / strong side is positioned to help him in the movements.

2. Lying on his back, have him bend his right knee up with his foot on the bed.

3. While pushing with the right foot to roll the right side of his pelvis over towards the left, he should reach with his right hand toward the side of the bed, effectively rolling onto his left side by pushing with his foot and pulling on the mattress with his hand.

4. While holding the side of the mattress with his right hand at the level of his right shoulder, he should then move his legs to the side of the bed. If he is able, he could help his left leg with the right, but otherwise may need help sliding his legs forward to the edge of the bed.

5. He should then lower his feet over the side of the bed while pushing with his right arm to get his upper body up off the mattress. He may need some help with lifting his upper body and/or controlling the descent of his legs.

Hope that’s helpful!
Scott Gallagher are you ok?

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5 replies

  1. I was never taught any of this either. The main problem is rolling over without wrapping yourself in your blankets. Please Scott we’re missing you.

  2. I’ve been wondering about Scott, too. He kinda just went MIA one day. Hopefully he’s just on a really great vacation. They taught Zack how to roll over during inpatient therapy. He couldn’t do jack crap in the hospital. It was a wonder to get him to sit on the side of the bed. But he was able to use the railings on the hospital bed to get onto his side. Thank God those days are over. Geesh That was rough.

    • Yeah thank GOD those days are over. That was hell, hell on earth.

      • I still feel like I am in hell some days. But as you wonderful people have encouraged me, my mantra is “it gets better…” I don’t know what on Earth that looks like…but I will absolutely take better. Even if that better means I have to change. I refuse to live a bitter, sulkly life. We have stuff to do! And today, Zack texted me while I was in class that he loved me. Two days ago, after I had a hellacious thirty minutes trying to get my willful (and adorable) two year old to nap, he came over to me and gave me a hug and said, “I would like to be able to help you.” He knew I needed that…and it was a HUGE help. This is a big deal. A very big deal. It’s a start, and I welcome it and am grateful for it. yaaaay! He’s coming back!

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