About a year after I had a stroke I started a blog on a whim.  I thought – seriously I remember thinking this – that I’m a physical therapist, I know everything about recovering from a stroke.  I should start a blog and tell people things.  Ummmm.  LOL!!!!  I didn’t know jack shit.  I thought I had this great, unique idea of starting a blog.   Again, ummmm, no.  I had no idea that there was this wonderful community of stroke survivors who had blogs.

Well, a year and a half later after having this totally original idea of starting a blog, I now have 226 followers and I’ve made a ton of new friends.  This blog has become something I never in a million years would have expected and is sometimes my reason for getting through the day.  Apart from my dog and cat.  They’re always my main reason for getting through the day.  Sooooo I guess the point of this post is to say thank you everyone, thank you for giving me a reason to get through the day.

In March, it will be 3 years for me.  Everyone that has had a stroke knows what that means but for those that don’t and just subscribe to my blog because I’m so hilarious March will mark 3 years from the date of my stroke.  I only worked for 4 years.  I REFUSE to be unemployed and collecting disability for longer than I was working.  That will so not happen.  So someone give me a job.

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  1. Okey-dokey. Can you be an OT? We have a rehab clinic here that doesn’t have even ONE OT w stroke experience.

  2. One of my main reasons for getting thru the day is to read the comments on your blog and see what ridiculous item is being discussed and throw some more gas on the fire. My start blogging was from Peter mentioning it to me.

  3. Thanks for your blog Amy since it helps not only my husbsnd understand what he is going through, but it is also helping me understand what this new life is all about.

  4. Love this blog. I am so thankful for you guys. You have taught me a ton, and I am honored to learn from you and grow with you. Much love and hope to you all. I love your resolve to go back to work. You will, my friend, there is something special out there for you. I will be praying that it is uncovered.

  5. Yes, Amy I get a lot out of your blog and usually a good laugh and I am 12 years post stroke !! you never stop learning. I just say I retired early but can imagine that you want a job as you have so much knowledge as a physio to pass on. Keep up the good work and Happy Xmas.

  6. BTW, speaking of not knowing what you don’t know…I think back on some of the totally delirious things I said to you back in May when I first found your blog and we started talking (holy crap that’s a long time) and I just cringe. I really didn’t have a CLUE…and they sure as heck don’t give you any in the hospital. I found everything out as we went and as if I should already know. I remember the first rehab nurse coordinator talking to me about “equipment” and ordering it for when he goes home. This was when Zack was first out of the hospital and in therapy. My thought was, “equipment…what kind of equipment?…he won’t need any of that by the time he comes home…” I had NO idea how bad it was or what we were in for. What a cute little thing I was. Just precious. (sarcasm) We’re still working on how to have a normal conversation let alone not using shower chairs and handicap bars….crap. Naive. Naive as all get out.

  7. I feel the best job/career is one you work for yourself not somebodies bitch/slave/lackey. Good luck

  8. Amy,
    At least you qualified for disability. I did not. According to SSD I’m not disabled! I started blogging several years ago as an author. After my stroke I started blogging about my stroke also because that affected my writing in a big way.
    Unlike most I consider my stroke as part of my learning curve in life. Not all adventures are good ones, but some good can be found in them even if it is finding just how capable and how ingenious you are.
    Good luck with the job search. I haven’t got a job for you.

    • Disability is SO screwed up. Part of our retirement plan was for us to buy individual med insurance for my husband and use Medicare for me; although I’m 56, I should qualify for Medicare because of my disability. BUT to qualify for Medicare as disabled, I have to collect disability SS payments for 2 years beforehand. I don’t need – or WANT – disability payments now. How screwed up is that?

      • Disability is extremely screwed up, along with healthcare.

      • We both need it and want it. I took a reduced schedule to be able to care for Zack in the afternoons since we can’t afford to pay someone, and he is no longer working. Our income has been cut by over half and it’s been about 3 months and we still haven’t heard anything from disability. Thank God we have my parents who have enough to spare a bit to help us. The thing that sent me over the edge is when the lady at the disability office asked whether or not zack has had any other “real” jobs besides pastoring. I don’t go off the rails easily but that nearly sent me there in an instant. I wanted to show her what this little oastor’s wife was made of. I didn’t, but I sure let her know insensitive her comment was. She was actually very sweet in response. So, clearly, I agree with you ladies. Flawed!

        • Brooke,
          I can relate to the pastoring thing. I’ve gotten thing same thing for me. I earned less and did more. Our income has been cut to to almost half also.
          The other thing with SSD is the caregiver is given the raw end of the stick. That’s a full time job and a half although no money comes in because of it. It’s like the childcare paradox. Women work to spend half if not over to pay for childcare but they do earn SS credits for a system that has broke and dysfunctional.
          What’s with “friends” that think we are showing the world what a good pastor or pastor’s wife how it’s done? We live in the world just like anyone else.

        • I can’t believe Zack hasn’t qualified for disability.

  9. I have learned so much from reading your posts. I hope you understand how much you help your readers. Thank you for being there and allowing us to learn from you!

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