Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery

Someone gave Peter’s book a bad review because it didn’t specifically mention cerebellar strokes.  I think I know who it was and let me just say – that’s annoying as all hell.  I will defend Peter G. Levine to the death.  There is NO difference where in the brain your stroke occurred.  It’s all brain damage.  Saying this lobe, that lobe – NO.  Neuroplasticity doesn’t discriminate based on what lobe was damaged.  As Peter says in the post I have linked, the same rules apply to strokes in the cerebellum.

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  1. You’re killing me, girl. I was a good newspaper-person for 15 years because of my effing curiosity. Some people call me nosy, and they’re right.

  2. I saw his post too, and was happy he clarified the information for me. I didn’t know.

  3. Anybody that gives Peter’s book a bad review just doesn’t get it!

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