Before I get to talking about healthcare, my blog needs some grumpy cat pictures…….

dontworrybehappy  joecocker

Ok now that hopefully I’ve lightened the mood, I’ll begin.  Healthcare is SO screwed up.  I happen to live in the mecca of the screwed upness of healthcare.  I seriously think that in the city of Pittsburgh healthcare is more f’d up than anywhere else in the country.  Maybe I’m wrong about that.  If you have a stroke, I hope that you don’t live in Pittsburgh.  If you live here that sucks for you but if you do you’re going to have to pay out-of-pocket for the things that will help you because insurance surely will not.  Well not just Pittsburgh that goes for anywhere.

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  1. Yes, my insurance company is willing to pay for a Combined PT and OT sessions of 50/year, but nothing stroke-related after two years. so, I got 6 months of weekly OT and PT just after release from the rehab hospital, then took 6 months off, then started again for 6 months. in the interim, I paid for a couple of OT sessions myself … At $250 for a 1-hour session, PLUS $50 for each additional “treatment.” Heat pack for 10 minutes to warm up at the beginning of the session? 50 bucks extra. EStim? 50 bucks extra. I said no to every extra, and stopped after 2 visits. One of the many things that bugged me was that I KNEW the OT wasn’t making much money; not that she confided her finances to me, but she was open about her house-hunting and mortgage troubles. PLUS I knew that individuals get charged a lot more than insurance companies for the same service … Insurance companies negotiate the lowest acceptable price, often based on Medicare. and our government has a tricky little way of requiring that a supplier guarantee the government the lowest price charged for whatever it’s buying.

    I bought my Saebo and Bioness myself because insurance wouldn’t cover it, except for the OT/PT to use them. the Bioness has been worth it.

  2. But, but the medical gods know everything and are the gatekeepers to recovery. I have to clean up my coffee after spewing it thru my nose after writing that howler. Damn good thing I’m an atheist and know more than the gods.

  3. I believe that is anywhere. I live in Richmond, VA and it is no better here.
    Although, I will say that the care that I got in the hospital and in the hospital’s rehab was excellent – no complaints. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and the rehab unit had me walking on my own without any support aids and they used the Bioness unit on my hand, but once I was released due to “insurance”- it went downhill really fast.
    The outpatient rehab was horrible and I didn’t realize at the time that I could have fired them and gone elsewhere. I am not considered disabled, so I don’t get anything. Who cares that I had a stroke? It was only a life-changing event, but no big deal!
    Thank goodness for Peter’s book and my excellent family that supports me! That is what gets me through.

    • Lori, I agree – Peter’s book is the best. His book and this community of survivors let me know that I’m not alone in my search for recovery.

      • Yes, Barb. I forgot to thank this “tribe”. This community has been very helpful – and funny! I always get a laugh when I visit here. And, thank you to Amy – so much information! And she told me about the Ring Pen and the Pen Again that have helped me to write. I consider Amy to be my personal OT! Now, I will have to come up with a payment for her. I can knit you some socks Amy – any color that you would like!

        • Lori can you knit? I bought a learn to crochet kit for kids and it was hilarious how much I couldn’t do it.

          • I can knit, but I was a knitter before the stroke. Afterwards, I wanted to knit again so badly that I tried it almost right away and with repetition – it is happening.
            Did you crochet prior to your stroke? That was a big part of the motivation for me. Crochet is one needle, but I believe that you have to use your non-dominant hand to hold or guide the string. If you are just starting to learn, it is probably much more difficult.

            • I could not crochet before, there was no way I was learning after a stroke!

              • I can knit but like Lori I was a knitter before. I’ve never been able to crochet so I certainly wouldn’t try it now. I get the impression that it is more of a two-handed activity than knitting is.

            • Lori – Are you familiar with Kate Davies blog? She is a knitwear designer in Scotland who had a stroke and her blog is inspiring and beautiful.

              • You have to make sure you get to the right Kate Davies because one is a bodice ripper writer.

              • Yes, I follow her blog. I was actually following her before she had the stroke – that is what made me determined to be able to knit again. Julia, do you belong to Ravelry? It is a great site for knitters/crocheters and other fiber enthusiasts.
                What is a bodice ripper writer? I’m afraid to even look that up.

                • I don’t belong to Ravelry but it’s on my to do list. I found Kate’s blog when I searched “knitting after stroke”. I was looking for an activity that would use my bad hand that would be creative. I’m just doing scarves for now but hopefully more eventually. I love her photos. I was in Scotland many years ago and now I want to go back to hike the West Highland trail if I can ever hike again. A bodice ripper is a trashy Victorian romance novel in which bodices are ripped off of beautiful damsels by hunky heros.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. We need to demand real healthcare reform…and that is not going to come in the form of government take over. They can’t manage anything!!! The last thing we need is the government and insurance “suits” dictating what we need in terms of health. I believe that privitization and a cash pay system(one that is consumer driven) is going to deliver the most individualized, most effective care with the best outcomes. When doctors and facilities are rated/chosen by pts. by outcomes and patient reviews rather than beuracratic bs, government contracts, and subsidies we will get progress. We need to take out all the third parties that are currently messing everything up. Our country needs to wake up and demand better!!!

  5. Yep! Everything related to healthcare is now officially F’d up! We are having to change our coverage policy and pay twice more out of pocket before the new policy will even kick in. My medications are being bounced around as far as which they will cover, which they won’t. Some I am forced to buy thru mail-order, others I have to buy at an outside retailer. Some I have to have the pharmacy call the doctor, some the doctor has to call the pharmacy! I had a medication delivered thru the damn mail-oder the other day that I NO LONGER TAKE because the doctor’s office called in the wrong med. They’ve already charged me & won’t take it back. I called the doctor’s office and told them that when I come in next time the co-pay is ON THEM!

  6. What is “Peter’s book”??????

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