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This blog is awesome.  A year ago she wrote the post that I have linked and I think about it all the time.  I mean it’s a year later and I’m still thinking about it.  She asks in the post “If you knew a stroke was coming, would you have done things differently?”  If I knew that at 30 years old my life would be completely turned upside down then I don’t know.  I was 30 when this happened and the doctors that “treated” me completely f’d up my life and other than finishing school, I didn’t get to do anything that I had planned for my life.  I really don’t know, maybe I’ll never know.  I’m glad I have the education that I have but if I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it in practice would I have gone to PT school?  I don’t know that I would’ve.  Do you think you would have done things differently?

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  1. I have been thinking about this a lot, too. Sometimes, I wish that I had accomplished certain things before I had the stroke – but, if I had – I would have lost that too. I could go on forever with this subject – but, I won’t, it’s depressing. I try to stay “in the moment”. – ha!
    Nina’s blog is very cool – she says so much with so little.

    • Yeah there are certain scenarios that I’m sooooo glad I never did – like having kids. I am SO happy that I never had a kid in my 20s. Yeah, Nina’s blog is so cool.

    • Amy,
      You should be really proud of what you have accomplished – before and after the stroke. I love the fact that you are young and trained as an OT – it gives you such a unique perspective on treating strokes. You have started a wonderful blog where we all like to hang out. I am confident that you will be able to put this set of skills to work. -Lori

  2. Its damn hard to figure out. I look back now and know I was coasting thru life. Now I have purpose and a lot of that purpose is to have as much fun as possible. And meet many people and tell stories. Of course I’m in my 50s so I already had lots of fun in life prior. If it had occurred in my 70s or later I might have just given up.

  3. “If you knew a stroke was coming, would you have done things differently?” Let me see. Hmmm. I know. I WROTE that line! I KNEW it reminded me of something…. LOL!

  4. My situation is different than most. I had about a year to “prepare” for what “might” be. The year of preparing for the unknown with a new baby was beyond challenging. My life was first turned upside down 5 years prior when my now ex-husband’s girlfriend showed up at my door one night. I had always considered myself a planner. I had it all figured out….or so I thought. I had plans and always followed through. Well, life doesn’t work that way. This unexpected shxx always shows up. I finally thought my life was “perfect”, I remarried an amazing man the second time around, I was set on a career path, I just had a perfect precious baby ….and wham I get dx. with an “inoperable” brain tumor that was threatening to steal my life. Not part of the plan!!! Such is life. So, I had to dig deep, push, fight, and claw my way to the best situation I could. Non of the options were good, but I tried to make the best of it. When I woke up from my surgery I couldn’t move anything on the left. That’s when I knew life had taken another unplanned turn. Time to suck it up and make a new plan. And here I am…3years later today, way better…due to have my second baby any day and hoping there will not be anymore unpleasant surprises to deal with. Can we just stick with the plan this time? I’m tired of all the “surprises” that have a way of disrupting my life plan.

  5. My daughter said something similar when faced with a terminal diagnosis three years ago. She had a tumor encroaching on her brain stem with only a slim hope of any treatment. She railed about being only 24 and hadn’t even starting her life yet. She was also in college at the time.
    Looking back at my stroke, could I have done anything to prevent it…possibly. Would I have…possibly. Hindsight is always 20/20. That’s the beauty of it. But then, I’m twice your age too. All you can hope for is the best you can do at any given time. We all make choices.

  6. Would I have done anything differently? Actually that question isn’t so hard to answer. If I knew that a stroke was coming I would have made my bucket list a priority. I probably would have lived less responsibly and more selfishly.

  7. I think that things happen for a reason..Jay had just been to his dr the week before with a sore knee..maybe if they would have listened to his carotoid they may have found the clot. None of us are protected in this life, thats why we should realize anything can happen at any time. You actually dont have much control. Live each day like its your last..thats one of Jays sayings!

  8. My stroke was because of my BP, my doctor couldn’t really get my meds right to control it, and I didn’t have a lot of confidence in her , so I wasn’t good at doing what I was supposed to,,,so my brain exploded one day and I had a brain hemorhage…would I have avoided it if I coukld have, of course i would, the last 4 years have been hard, but a lot of good has come out of it also. I retired from my fast paced corporate job and dialed everything down to a more human level, and truly much is better in my life, I would not have made the changes unless I had to. I always saw my value in achievement – more money, more status, more accomplishment, more everything. I have learned the hard way that more is not always better, i see my value differently now. I am in my 50’s now…so I did it all…marriage, career, kids, I still work, but now in a business I own, i am recovering, but slowly, as I’ve stopped thinking about it as a contest or competition…like who has ther best, fastest recovery, my progress has been steady although glacial in speed, I don’t expect that i’ll ever be exactly as I was, but that person was a walking timebomb, who eventually detonated.so would I have avoided a stroke if OI could have…of
    course, to say anything else is disingenuous, but many of the changes have been improvements – I am more compassionate, less driven on things that don’t matter too much really. M


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