Cerebrum vs. Cerebellum

I hear this all the time and enough is enough.  The idea that strokes in the cerebellum are so much worse than strokes in the cerebrum ends today.  It almost makes me wish I didn’t name this blog what I did.  But I guess it’s a good thing that I did that because obviously there is a TON of wrong information being given out.  I was told after my stroke by a medical doctor who is considered to be one of the premier neurologists and “stroke experts” at what is considered to be one of the best hospitals in the entire WORLD here in Pittsburgh that I should consider myself lucky because posterior strokes recover MUCH BETTER than anterior strokes.  Hmmm.  Yeah I’m real f’ing lucky.  Obviously lots of people are being told that this type of stroke is so much worse.  Hmmm.  I look fabulous and all of my disabilities are now completely invisible.  The majority of stroke survivors cannot say that.  Most stroke survivors have some kind of outward physical give away that they have brain damage.  Not me.   Look, brain damage is brain damage and a stroke is a stroke.  The EFFECTS of a cerebellar stroke are extremely different from a stroke in the cerebrum.  That’s what makes cerebellar strokes so different – the EFFECTS.  Healing after a stroke in the cerebellum – same damn thing.  Recovery – same damn thing.  If you had a stroke somewhere in the cerebrum or anywhere that is not the cerebellum and still have issues years later, please leave a comment.  Want some research to help prove my point?  Here ya go.

If you want an expert in stroke recovery, look no further.  You found one.  Education + personal experience = a whole HELL of a lot of knowledge.

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  1. It has been almost two years since my cerebellar stroke and most people(friends and family) think I am almost healed. True, I don’t have any paralysis or slurred speech but my head is f&@*ed up. I am always nauseous and need assistance to walk. I can’t drive and have to depend on others to take me places IF I even want to get out in public. I am coming to terms with the fact I have permanent brain damage and work on ways to improve my quality of life. I am trying to relearn how to crochet and am trying to read a book by using a Kindle and increasing the size of the font. I would be interested in hearing from people whose stroke was caused by A-Fib as I believe mine was unfortunately. Also if anyone had to have part of their cerebellum removed surgically.

  2. There are no stroke experts in the medical world, except for Peter, and whomever holds themselves out as an expert needs to be shot. Start the firing squad, I’m first in line.

  3. after having the 2 and a mini I am a ‘bit’ knocked around, but ‘knocked around is knocked around regardless, however there is a lot of incorrect information out there.

  4. After three years of looking at stroke patients all the strokes look the same to me, like one big stroke. Sitting in their wheelchairs like they were poured into ’em, it’s hard to tell the difference. They all look bad.

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