When someone has trouble performing an exercise, making that exercise ‘gravity-eliminated’ is often helpful. So what the hell does that mean? That means that if someone is not strong enough yet to perform an exercise like for instance shoulder abduction (raising your arm out to the side), figure out a way to eliminate gravity from the equation. When someone is sitting or standing and asked to raise their arm out to the side, they’re not only lifting the resistance of the weight of their arm, but lifting against the resistance of gravity as well. Doing this exercise gravity eliminated would mean doing it lying down on their back. That takes away the resistance of gravity. And to make it even easier I would sometimes put a sliding board under their arm to also eliminate friction. A sliding board is something that’s really slippery that is usually used as something you sit on to help you ‘scoot.’
But easy is not at all what you want. This is a trick I would use to help get the movement back but as soon as possible gravity should be added back in as well as weights.

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  1. I like pools, I can lift my knee to waist height easily in there.

  2. Your tip worked! I tried it on my weakest and most hated exercise, leg abductions. I laid on my back and swung my leg out to the side. I even watched TV with a mirror.

  3. I used to love the imagination of my physical therapists. Lying me down, strapping me to a stationary bike, and firing little electrical pulses into my leg to kickstart me. Then there was a sort of Dance Dance Revolution for stroke patients.

    But the best bit was when one of my therapists saw that (through a combination of nerve damage and atrophy, I guess) I couldn’t turn my left foot very well.

    So, she taped her right sneaker to my left, and guided me through a few kind of three-legged turns. Within a couple of days, I was cornering like…. Well, like a more adept stroke patient. Brilliant!

  4. I’m working with gravity right now. Attempting to get onto my yoga mat on the floor and back up again without breaking anything. My PT is spotting closely.

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