Neck Retractions

When I was working, I went to all kinds of classes and took some tests to become certified in this.  It’s a super duper way to treat back and neck pain based on patient movement.  It takes 3 or 4 years to become certified in this.  Well I did that, then when I finished up my certification, I decided to have a stroke a few months later just to ensure that I will never use it! I like to do things the hard way.  Anyway, the very first thing that I would have people that came to see me for neck pain do is neck retractions.  Well the first thing I would do is yell at them about their posture.  But after posture correction, the first exercise I would have almost anyone do is neck retractions.  If you have pain down to the tip of the bottom of your shoulder blade or down your arm, it could be coming from the neck.  If it’s intermittent pain, meaning it comes and goes, that’s positional and it’s probably coming from the neck.  A very common mistake that people would make when doing retractions is that they would look down.  You’re not to look down when doing these, it’s straight back.  Pick a spot on the wall or whatever that’s straight ahead of you then move your head back while staring at that spot and keeping your shoulders still. When I would have patients do this unweighted, meaning lying down on their back, taking away gravity, I would hold my pen above their head and say “look straight ahead at my pen and push your head back into the table.”  There’s all kinds of variations and progressions of this exercise.  If your head, neck, arm, or upper back hurt, try these.  And have good posture.  Here, buy this.

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  1. Thank you again for recommending neck retraction exercises for me. It definitely works. Now if I could only stop crossing my legs, lol.

  2. The neck retractions work. I do them laying on the bed, which is recommended in the book for those of us who are “older”.

  3. Geez, I got bad posture. I sit like a deflated balloon. Thanks for your previous posts.


  1. Neck Pain – mycerebellarstrokerecovery

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