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  1. Wonderful! Congratulations, Vicki and Korey. Love the nickname EJ. Have fun!

  2. Amy, there’s nothing like a new baby to create joy.This year, I welcomed a granddaughter, Violet. She joined her brother Jude, who was born while I was in the hospital having a ridiculous stroke. He is 4 now and a treat. She is so delicious you could eat her with a spoon. I feel sad because I cannot yet chase him around, and with a nonworking left arm, picking either of them up is beyond me yet, but I persevere, and believe in the future. Marta
    My neice is expecting her first baby in January…we have an embarrasment of riches in our family. So lucky, so blessed. Happy holidays to you. M

  3. Awww..congratulations!!! That makes you the honorary auntie, right? Babies are the greatest gift, still waiting for mine to arrive…any day now…I can hardly wait!! Except for maybe the delirious sleep deprivation that follows. Owell it’s worth it!! 🙂 Enjoy that yummy baby when you get the chance! The miracle of new life is amazing!!

  4. You absolutely are EJ’s aunt!!!!! Love you! Can’t wait for you to meet him!

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