Colonel Meow

Thank you Lori I wish I knew about Colonel Meow a while ago, but better late than never when it comes to cat humor!!!

imagesCAM59YAS  imagesCAWQ20J2






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  1. CM just cracks me up – I can’t believe that there is a cat that looks the way that he does. It’s too funny!

    You will soon discover that CM loves Scotch and the Game of Thrones. He despises his dog brother “Boots”.

    Have fun!

  2. Speaking of cat humour, have you seen Simons Cat? His cat really reminds me of our cat. Here is a link to my favourite episode 🙂

    And a festive one..

  3. I love Simon’s Cat! My silver tabby Elsa is very private, but her sister Grizzie longs to be an internet sensation. “Is there no interest out there in a good old-fashioned glamour puss such as myself?” asks Grizzie. “Perfect bone structure, huge wide-set eyes, natural calico coat, slim figure, symmetrical white socks?” Merry Christmas to all and to all a good morning (writing this at 7am).

  4. yes – Grizzie is a total diva. And dumb as a post. She is quite a looker, though, I’ll give her that.

  5. Grizzie takes diva-ness to a new level. Elsa is smart and athletic, pretty too, but not glamourous like Grizzie. And she’s too nervous to be much of a diva. Grizzie is also a klutz which I thought was weird for a cat. I actually took her to the vet when she was really clumsy as a kitten and he said it happens. Not all cats are graceful.

  6. An Engineer’s Guide to Cats 2.0 – The Sequel

    With failed girl approaches by scientists included 🙂

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