Merry X-mas I guess

Enjoy the show this week……….




Also, Shelly sent me this picture of her cat a few months ago and I think it’s freakin’ hilarious!


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  1. LOL! Merry Christmas, Amy!

  2. “Merry Christmas”back at you!

  3. Oh, it’s Colonel Meow in the 2nd picture – I like him just as much as Grumpy Cat.
    Merry F’N Holidays to you, too!

  4. Very good Amy, using the appropriate abbreviation of Christmas. Greek lettering. Same back to you.

  5. Merry Christmas, Amy…and everyone! Here’s to another year on this Earth. This one best be better than the last one, or I’ll have even more words than I already do.

    Do you guys agree that the Holiday season..Mostly Christmas…seems to be extra hard? I was doing pretty good until this week. This week has been increasingly more lame as the 25th approaches. Though, I found that being with friends helps.

    • Yeah going through something like this makes this time of year SUCK! I always kinda think it sucks but that’s just me.

    • Brooke, yes, i find the holidays harder: for me there’s another thing added to the stroke – my mother died 24 years ago from a metastasis of her colon cancer to her brain. Her first symptom showed up Dec. 26 and she died March 7, so I grieve every year during that time. Since the stroke, it’s been worse because, all my life, she was more appalled at the thought of surviving a stroke than just about anything.

      • Oh geez Barb. 😦 March 7th sucks, can we just skip that day?

      • Wow, Barb, a double dose of grieving. God bless you, friend. That can’t be easy. I am so sorry.

        I agree. I’m in for skipping. Zack went to the ER on March 4th. Close enough…we can just skip the entire week.

        • Amy and Brooke, what do we do while everyone else is living that week? Curling up in bed with our blankets over our heads is out – I always panic that I’m going to suffocate. Any other ideas?

          • We could always go to…disnelyland!! Or Hawaii? You guys pick!

            • No Disneyland for me – I’m too much of an elitist. We took our kids there ONCE when we were visiting relatives nearby, and only because we thought they should experience it to know what they were missing. our daughter went on a cruise to DisneyWorld when she was a teenager – the cruise AND DisneyWorld were huge let-downs. she went with a friend’s family that exxagerated the fun they’d have. she was very bummed after because for that much money, she could have found WAY MORE fun on her own.

  6. Me too!!! Merry Christmas from me too!!!

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