The action of touching your thumb to every fingertip is called opposition.  After my stroke my right hand had a mind of its own and I had to sit on it in order to keep it still.  Asking me to do some kind of purposeful motion was completely out of the question.  Nine months out of my stroke I went to my first KY lesson.  That I found through my own research, by the way.  No doctors or loved ones suggested that I try something like this.  Maybe the most famous meditation in KY is the Kirtan Kriya.  I did this the first day in my first lesson.  The Kirtan Kriya involves chanting “Sa Ta Na Ma” while touching the tip of each finger with your thumb.  I could do opposition with my right hand in conjunction with a meditation.  I remember looking down at my right hand and thinking “what the hell?”  That was my first experience with KY and that experience kept me going back those first few months when I felt like absolute crap.  The rest, as they say, is history.

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  1. 4:11am!!! You know sleep is useful, try it some time. I’ll have to try this, which would first mean stopping the spasticity that slightly curls the fingers right now. I sit on the hand a lot and while sleeping put it on my chest so my right hand can flatten it and hold the thumb out.

  2. What the! You moved my blog link to the most important section. How dare you make me responsible for others. 🙂

  3. Thanks Amy for giving us hope!

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