Month: January 2014


I’ve been to hell and came back from that hell. For that reason there is very little that scares or intimidates me. Very little. You know what would scare me? A zombie apocalypse. See, to get away from a zombie… Read More ›


I’m very much into the whole brevity thing. (If you don’t get that reference I feel sorry for you.) Cut to the chase, get to the point, that’s how I like things. The medical establishment loves brevity. There is an… Read More ›


When I was 24 I decided to go to school for physical therapy. I was bored and thought well I’ll go do this…. A few years after I finished that up I thought, just to mix it up a little,… Read More ›


This is the letter that Julia’s husband wrote that will be sent to the CEO, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and the Dean/Vice President for medical Affairs at RIC and it’s affiliated medical school at Northwestern. —————————————————————————————————— I am… Read More ›

Pain-Spasm Cycle

I was talking to someone recently in the midst of this cycle and I thought I should write a blog post about it.  What happens is this – when you injure something it’s painful.  This pain causes the surrounding muscles… Read More ›


Someone recently had the audacity to say to me that I should consider changing the way I write because 2 people who have not had a stroke or a brain injury of any kind thought that my blog had too much anger… Read More ›

Resting vs. Intention

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I speak ad nauseam about the fact that I have an intention tremor.  This is the opposite of a resting tremor.  Everyone think of Michael J. Fox.  Parkinson’s Disease causes a resting tremor. … Read More ›

Bad Day

Think you’re having a bad day?  Look at this. And keep this in mind tomorrow…..although tomorrow is a holiday and most of you people who have jobs don’t have to go into work so this may not apply…..


I say pretty much whatever is in my head.  I’m never at a loss for words.  I’m never, ever speechless.  I have always been like that but you see, a few years ago I had a stroke that wiped out… Read More ›

Meditation Practice

The more I read, the more I’m convinced that meditation is the secret to recovering from a brain injury.  Here, here, and here.  There is a mind-blowing amount of research that supports the beneficial effects of meditation on the brain.  So… Read More ›


Sorry again about the previous email.  I hit publish before I was ready again.  I need to stop doing that. Before the stroke, I was absolutely miserable and hated my life.  I needed to make some changes in my life… Read More ›

On Purpose

I recently showed off my intention tremor to someone(it makes a great party trick).  So I picked up a cup, my hand started to shake and he said “are you doing that on purpose?”  No.  I take singing lessons every week. … Read More ›


I am reading this book right now and it’s making me laugh hysterically.  I suggest you all buy it.  Something just occurred to me.  The author of this book is named Allie Brosh and I have a girl crush on her.  I… Read More ›


When I had the stroke, I looked BAD.  Real bad.  Now I look good, real good.  I have nothing in the way of pictures or recordings to show what I was like back then.  Nothing.  I wouldn’t allow my picture… Read More ›