Synergistic Movement

That stats year round up thing said that my most popular post was the one on synergistic movement. That’s interesting. I wrote that a long time ago when I still thought I knew something about recovering from a stroke so I thought I should write about it again. Ummm, you might remember me talking about a therapy called NDT. NDT stands for neuro-developmental treatment. I don’t think it develops anything neurologically, I think it hinders anything from developing. After a neurological injury, it’s normal for all of your muscles to contract when performing a movement. When I would try to pick something up with my right hand for instance I recruited the muscles of my entire upper body. My shoulder would raise, my elbow would bend, my wrist would curl. My muscles were all working together as one, not independently. The main point of NDT therapy is to inhibit this kind of movement and not allow it to happen. I say rubbish. Peter calls it movement elitism. If you don’t allow movement to be weird, how are you going to gain control over it and make it better? It has to be weird for a while and look like crap for it to get better.

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  1. My best therapist was NDT trained but it really was her ability to tell which muscles were working and get them going than her comments on the movements I shouldn’t be doing.

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