Some Anger Followed by Some Laughter

A message for neurosurgeons.  Do you people who operate on the brain think that you’re saving lives?  You’re not.  I know several of my neurosurgeon’s patients, therefore I know several people who he prevented from dying.  I am not aware of a single life that he saved.


I wish I had minions…………….


Remember the movie The Dark Crystal?


Someone told me this joke yesterday and I think it’s hilarious so I thought to myself….. “Self, you should tell this joke to all your blog friend people”…..

20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, and Steve Jobs.  Now we have no Cash, no Hope, and no Jobs.  Please don’t let Kevin Bacon die.

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29 replies

  1. Love the joke!! still laughing.

    Personally, I’d like just a valet; Tom’s getting tired of the job.

  2. Great joke! I needed a laugh after thinking about the butcher otherwise known as my neurosurgeon who most certainly did not save my life. I wasn’t even dying.

  3. There are a lot of morons in the Neuro community. I saw more mds with a neuro-as the first part of their title that were completely useless.. and down right dangerous, BUT……my neurosurgeon is a genius….and he SAVED my life, when no other doctor was willing to. I am forever grateful for him. If it was not for him, there is no way I would be holding my precious baby boy right now. If anyone needs a world class surgeon, Dr. Spetzler @ Barrow’s in Phoenix is the man!!

  4. Cute joke, but I’m allergic to pork so he can die. I’ve actually got a great neurologist and my husband has a world renowned neuroendocrinologist and neurosurgeon. While my neuro didn’t save my life, she’s a great listener and still opened to learning after being in practice for twenty years.

  5. Was there no Jacob Toilet Paper to be found?

  6. No, we don’t think they are as funny as cat people… Cat people are WAY funnier!

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