I am reading this book right now and it’s making me laugh hysterically.  I suggest you all buy it.  Something just occurred to me.  The author of this book is named Allie Brosh and I have a girl crush on her.  I have a regular crush crush on Daniel Tosh.  So I guess I’m drawn to people with “osh” at the end of their last name.  If your last name ends with “osh,” email me.

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  1. I absolutely love her blog. I shouldn’t laugh at the topic of depression but for me its the same as laughing at the topic of stroke.

  2. My real name is Jim Sparksosh. An ancestor shortened it when he came over from the old country.

  3. Obviously, my name is Barb Polosh. or is is Pollack? Nope, I’m not Polish, so, definitely Polosh.

  4. I’m Roshkow. Does that count?

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