On Purpose

I recently showed off my intention tremor to someone(it makes a great party trick).  So I picked up a cup, my hand started to shake and he said “are you doing that on purpose?”  No.  I take singing lessons every week.  I have a tremor in my voice and my voice teacher said “you know that vibrato that you have in your voice is something a lot of singers aim to have!”  Great!!!!!  Nothing, absolutely none of my physical weirdnesses are on purpose.  Someone once commented that she hates the term CVA, everyone knows what that stands for and I’m sure that you’ve heard that term a million times but here’s a million plus one.  CVA = cerebrovascular accident.  CVA = stroke.  She said she hates that term because yeah obviously it was an accident!  As if anyone would do this to themselves on purpose.  Maybe if you had Munchausen’s or something you’d want to give yourself a stroke.  But I certainly didn’t want any of this crap.

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  1. Oh wow, I was thinking of sending you a video of the fingers on my left hand. They seem to have a bit of tremor at times — nothing like what you’re dealing with, though. I think it’d be easier for you to see it rather than me trying to describe it.

    Every time I hear CVA, I think, “Customer Value Added”; damn corporate speak. I think Brain Attack sounds better myself. Anytime I hear or read “VAD” (I know most of us know it as vertebral artery dissection), anyhow VAD makes me think of Vlad Dracul. My hubby, with that dry British humor, sums them both up as my “mental breakdown”. Yeah, most don’t find that funny, but I think it is.

    • We could go with “brain attack” for our situation. In fact, docs even referred to it as that since it was actually his immune system that attacked his brain. I usually use “brain injury” too. But I think brain attack might get people’s attention a little better. 🙂 It definitely evokes a more emotional response.

    • Yeah definitely send me a video, I’d like to see that.

  2. Awww! Come on Amy! After working with all those stroke patients in PT, Didn’t you want a stroke to call your very own? Just like me in all those midnight flights with stroke semi-survivors, or caring for patients in the hospital, or family members that eventually died. It just looked like so much FUN!

    Yeah, I wearing my “Me? Sarcastic much? Nah!!!” T-shirt today. Bad night. None of use wanted or needed this crap.

  3. wow. Thank-you for sorting something out for me. I never really thought about what CVA meant before. I keep refer to myself as having a brain injury for lack of a better label. I actually did have a CVA. huh. My MRI and CT scan reports say |suggestive of a stroke” as well as further injury”. technically I have a Lack of Perfusion Injury. Only thing is as far as I am concerned there was no CVAccident.– absolutely should be an N for medical neglect.

  4. I had to ask my doctor what a CVA was. I don’t believe he ever told me i had a stroke.

  5. Actually, the correct medical terminology for what we’ve all been through is “fucking shit storm”. If your doctor doesn’t use the correct medical terminology, you should be sure to correct him/her, so he/she doesn’t embarrass himself/herself in the future. I’m feeling really politically correct today in case you didn’t notice. I expect praise for this.

  6. I completely agree with calling things what they are. Medical terminology is a crack up sometimes. I think the ‘f’ word is more than incredibly appropriate to be included in the actual name. From now on, I say we go with either Julia or Dean’s suggested names. If we use them enough, it’s bound to catch on, right? We can even abbreviate them, who is with me-FSS? or HOE?

  7. I don’t have intention tremor, but my spasticity can cause the same results. For years driving to work in the mornng I would stop at a convenience store that was half-way, to refill my travel mug with fresh coffee. I wouldn’t take it in, instead I would fill a to-go cup and pour it in my mug back at the car. The first cold morning I did that after my spasticity had taken hold, I filled a cup and lurched to the register with hot coffee flying everywhere. By the time I got there, I was down to half a cup. The young woman at the counter said, “Sir, are you okay?” I said, “fine, but I’ll need another cup of coffee, and I think I’ll use a lid this time.”

  8. They called mine an “infarct”. My husband had no idea what it ment…I told him it ment I had a stroke….He knew immediately that’s why I could barely talk and was drooling. Up to that point he was hoping that all my issues were normal from brain surgery and they’d be gone in a few days. No not normal, and not gone in a few days. That’s when the nightmare began for him.

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