I say pretty much whatever is in my head.  I’m never at a loss for words.  I’m never, ever speechless.  I have always been like that but you see, a few years ago I had a stroke that wiped out my speech for a time.  I was pretty speechless then.  I was constantly at a loss for words.  Not because I had nothing to say, though.  Oh no, I had quite a bit to say.  I just couldn’t say it.  Somebody once mentioned that this was hell on earth right?  Well I have regained the ability to speak and haven’t shut up since.  And I never will.  Until my next stroke that is, that might shut me up again.

Here’s a picture of me and my 2 kids………


and here’s just a picture…………


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  1. I wasn’t speechless, but I said stupid things. I’ve always had a workaholic self-editor, and I lost that for a while. I’m better now, but don’t say a lot, just try to make it not be stupid. Or mean. Being through this shit has made me an even kinder person.

  2. So interesting. Can’t wait to hear all the things Zack has to say. It may take a few years but I can be patient when I want to. Especially for him. Keep talking, you have good things to say.

  3. Love the photo of you and your kids. What a lovely family! When people ask me how many children I have I say three – one human and two feline.

    • And they make me laugh everyday, multiple times a day. I don’t understand people who don’t like pets.

      • My best friend has always made a big deal about how she’s not an animal person and how bizarrely different we are. But since my stroke, she’s been coming to my house for lunch several times a month, whereas before we used to meet at restaurants. The cats are getting used to her and last time she was over I caught her petting Grizzie and saying to her “You really are such a pretty kitty”. Then she said to me “Brian (the man she lives with) really does love cats.” My girls are winning her over.

      • I have a brother-in-laws’house doesn’t like pets, EXCEPT my sister got a Yorkie he fell in love with and he has a daughter with two cats he tolerates. His problem is that he’s germ-phobic, and he associates pets w poop. After he stops petting one he has to immediately wash his hands. Immediately. He can be lying as cozy on the couch, but he HAS to get up right away and wash his hands. For 5 minutes. Amy, yes your kids are adorable. And Kitty is enormous.

  4. My PT would finish the last word of a sentence or fill in words that I couldn’t think of at the time. She allowed me to try to get my point out but would help when she knew I was frustrated. I could speak but not think of the right word that was “on the tip of my tongue”. I also spat out words in the wrong order. I’ll never forget saying “Tell hello Charles said I” instead of the intended sentence. My PT said my brain was tired but it would get better, and it did. My doc said, well you know what they say about everything, “Time will tell”.

    Amy, you’re children are adorable. Remind me of their names? Mr./Ms. Kitty looks bigger than you dog, lol.

    • “Tell hello Charles said I.” That made me LOL. Shelly you’re so proper!! That must be the influence of having a British husband. 🙂
      Thank you, their names are Cassie and Kitty. The first year or 2 of her life, Kitty was very small but now she’s a fat cat.

  5. Those are some cute kids! Charley loves cats so much. I would love to get her one but I’m no sure now is the right time. Also, zack is/was mildly allergic. Who knows, maybe the brain injury caused the allergy to subside… Dare I I ask for a positive affect? A kitty may be in our future.

  6. My stroke made me temporarily “hyperverbal”….I would rattle on and on virtually non-stop…glad that went away. I was very funny though since my filter was also temporarily missing. I would say literally anything that came to mind. My husband joked that I became a comedian. The staff were constantly laughing…probably more at me but I didn’t care. They would ask me the normal Neuro questions and I would give them the answers plus a whole bunch of extra stuff. The psych. ladies that came to evaluate me got it the worst. I told them I wasn’t depressed, I didn’t need them, they looked more depressed than me, and that they should go do something more useful with their time.

    • The psychologist that saw me asked if I was ever afraid of anything at home. I told her yes, I’m afraid of a tree falling on the house during a tornado or bad storm. While true, I thought it also a hysterically funny answer, but she didn’t find it funny.

  7. Please, please never stop talking or writing I need at least one humor hit a day.

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