Bad Day

Think you’re having a bad day?  Look at this.

And keep this in mind tomorrow…..although tomorrow is a holiday and most of you people who have jobs don’t have to go into work so this may not apply…..


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  1. I may have to work tomorrow but it will be a great day because I’m starting a new contract, programming in Smalltalk, an object-oriented language that is damn fun to program in. And this weekend was fun. With more good discussions Mon. night at a wine bar to come. Life is good.

  2. Fox in Socks is awesome! I read that to my niece over and over as therapy.
    I’m working tomorrow, too. My next holiday is Memorial Day : (

  3. Working today also, this is the dullest time of year, dull weather, dull,dull, dull…therre’s just work for 3 months…put your head down and just do it.Marta

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