Yoga Breathing

Here’s another post that I should warn you about because apparently some people think my blog is too full of anger.  If you think that, do not read any further.  Stop now.  My life was nearly ruined before it even got started because of incredibly negligent doctors and I.AM.PISSED.  It’s my anger that drives me most of the time.  Dean had a link on his blog to an article about how much yoga breathing can help brain injury victims.  WHY DIDN’T MY DOCTORS EVER TELL ME THAT?  I found meditation and breath work through MY research.  The doctors told me nothing helpful.  That makes me very very very very angry.
Some laughter is needed……..



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  1. Maybe some fire breathing cats.

    Or a green one;

  2. You should stop reading me, its not good for your mental health.

  3. That second one was clever! I like it! Good job, grumpy cat. Amy, anger is absolutely necessary and good. It is an incredibly appropriate emotion.

    My counselor does say that anger is usually a “masking” emotion. And that, generally, there is something deeper behind it. But, nevertheless, it is good an appropriate.

    • I love the firebreathing cats! How did you find them?

    • I’m glad you think anger is good cause I have A LOT. I’m sure Zack does too.

      • I could understand if he did. But if there is one thing, cognitively, that has been affected it is his emotions. He has not grieved yet. He has had moments of sadness, tears, frustration, and grief, but unless his grieving is extremely graceful, it hasn’t happened. We were talking tonight and I asked him if it frustrated him when people said things like, “now you can be an encouragement to others who have gone through hard times.” and he said no. That he thought that was a good thing. When I told him that he couldn’t feel that way unless he has accepted what has happened. He said that he has. So the conversation led to how he has come to accept it without fully grieving. Then, smack dab in the middle of the conversation, he says, “I couldn’t find my foot rests today.” And there it ended. I am talking about heart matters and he is thinking about his wheel chair foot rests. :-/

        • Some medications can flatten affect which seems to be what you are describing. You might go over his meds with your doctor to see if they’re all necessary.

          • He isn’t on any meds, Julia. I do think one of the meds he was on did contribute to this though, in the weeks after he came off it, it got a lot better. It is still getting a lot better. “It” being his emotions. But it does worry me that he hasn’t grieved much. He says that he thinks he still will. I hope. It doesn’t need to be at any certain time, I just want him to be able to, for himself and his ability to connect, cope, and live. If he can’t grieve then there is something seriously disconnected in there. I’m believing that it will continue to get better. I know physical stuff does, but I’ve not read much on whether or not cog. stuff does. I’m just gonna go with a “yes”.

        • Aww. :/. But that’s also a dude thing. For the girl to be discussing heart matters and for the guy to be totally disinterested and thinking about something else. That could just be that it’s a guy thing.

          • You’re right, Amy. HOnestly, Zack was sensitive and caring…a lot more obviously than he is now. But he was never overly emotional. I rarely, if ever, saw him cry. And he was often in “task mode”. He apologized for the randomness and said that he was just thinking about it and didn’t want to forget. I understand that…maybe just file it away for a lull in the conversation or warn me or something. lol He is learning again. I can have grace. But it was just a sad moment.

          • Guys never discuss heartfelt things unless at the point of a gun. I made sure I never did because it was used as ammunition against me.

        • or he just doesn’t want worry 🙂

  4. Anger when harnessed is a powerful tool. Just so long as the anger does not consume you.

  5. Amy, I suggest you start a weekly Ask Amy feature on your blog and invite questions from your fandom. I’ll give an example.

    Hi Amy, I’d like to ask why you seem so angry on your blog.
    signed Curious
    Dear Curious. Because I had a stroke you freaking dipshit.
    Except you wouldn’t use freaking.

  6. Hi Amy,
    I was just wondering, is your hair color is natural?
    – Curious (again)

    Dear Curious (again),
    Yes it’s natural, you moronic dickhead. Don’t you have anything more important to think about?
    Best, Amy

  7. Dear Amy, I don’t believe Yoga works, so I don’t want to spend any money on learning how to do it, but just in case, I plan on doing the movements while breathing real hard and fast. That won’t be dangerous will it? signed Skeptical
    Dear Skeptical. Not dangerous at all. In fact, for even more improvement of your balance, I suggest doing this on your balcony, especially if it’s a high one.

    • Dear Amy,
      Since you are an authority on stroke recovery, I followed your instructions to the letter. I’ll be in a body cast for six months, but the good news is that my attorney says I can sue you for millions. Signed Skeptical (no longer).
      Dear Skeptical(no longer),
      You might want to let your attorney know that suing me would be a waste of his time as I don’t have a fucking penny since I’ve had a stroke and can’t work. Best, Amy

  8. Dear Amy, I don’t believe in yoga breathing. What other kinds are there? Signed Out of Breath.
    Dear Out of Breath,
    I would suggest ‘Holding your breath’, The world record is a seeming tie between Jack Idiot, from July, 1970 and Jane Stupid, from June, 1970. It is a close contest. Are you persistent and perservering enough to do 40+ years?
    Best of luck, Amy

  9. Could be that the cat is stuffed (has seen a taxidermist) Because I have seen the photo of the cat elsewhere on the internet with a rat on his head.

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