Pittsburgh Penguins

A member of the Pittsburgh Penguins, our hockey team, recently had a stroke. This news just came out yesterday and a few people felt the need to tell me about it. I debated doing a blog post about it because I’m already annoyed. From everything I’ve read, it sounds like he had a little itty bitty baby stroke. He is going to be glorified as some kind of hero if he ever returns to the NHL after suffering a stroke. Anyone that can return to a professional sport, like Teddy Bruschi, after having a stroke, did NOT have a major stroke. If his recovery is anything even remotely close to the norm after having a stroke, he will never play hockey again. If this is the case, Kris Letang, come join us won’t you? We’d love to have you.

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  1. Ah, ah ,ah- that’s bitterness, honey. Yes, while I agree with you on this. I think of the actress Patricia Neal who returned to acting after her stroke. I’m amazed she wasn’t black-balled from ever acting again because she had definite facial droop and speech problems.
    I think of the Congressman who returned to the capital after his stroke.
    These are major feats. As far as sports figures, they can afford the best, private therapists and trainers from the onset unlike you, or I, most people. And again it all depends on the severity, type, and where the stroke occurred.

    Haven’t you heard that intense rehab during the first 30-60 days has the best possible outcome? I’m sure you have. You’ve even written about it. It comes down to two thing-money and access to people who know what to do.

    • Call it bitterness but regardless, it sounds like he had a very small event.

    • Jo,
      I agree…I was lucky enough to have top notch rehab right away and for the first month. Then a few months of crap and then awesome rehab a second time lasting almost through the first year. I think my excellent rehab was a big part of my recovery. It didn’t come cheap….we spent almost all our savings, but I feel it was money well spent. Thank god I was always the type to save for a rainy day…I had no idea a hurricane was in the forecast!

      • Elizabeth,
        The hurricane hit with my stroke. We were doing quite well in spite of paying out well over 1 million dollars in my husband’s care. But then I was still working too. Now I’ve seen my “hurricane” money swindle down to single digits with no additional sources coming in.
        But I’m glad I saved for the hurricane although it hasn’t netted me the results I expected.

  2. I sure thought it sounded like a TIA???

    • He was cleared to go on a vacation with his family during the NHL’s break for the Olympics after having a stroke in late January. That guy DID NOT have a big thing happen to his brain.

  3. This is where the stupidity of stroke measurement comes in. Currently there is no objective measurement using MRI and PET scans to even base any kind of comparison. Ah Amy, goading me into one of my rants again. Arghh!!!

  4. But Tedy was my hero long before I had a stroke. Can I adore him even though I had a “bigger” stroke than he did?

  5. A symptom of people who have had a small stroke is that they play hockey. A symptom of people who have had a larger stroke is that they watch hockey.

  6. I didn’t think Russia allowed biathletes into the country. Anyway, the problem with the biathlon event is the skiers are going too slow. Now, shooting at targets while doing snowboard tricks, now that would be a real American sport.

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