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February 16, 2014


Trunk Ataxia

by Amy

I told a couple of people that I would research trunk ataxia and see if I could make any specific suggestions other than just strengthening the trunk.  I never had trunk ataxia.  I had ataxia BAD, still do but it’s not so bad anymore, and it did not affect my trunk.  It affected my right arm and leg.  I have a friend who has significant ataxia in the trunk and told me that for a while, she felt her trunk shaking even when she was just sitting down.

Here’s what I think………………balance exercises would be extremely important because balancing engages the postural muscles.  But balance exercises require standing….and balancing….and that’s too much to ask of some people.  Soooo here’s an exercise that I used to give to people right after back surgery to help engage, be aware of, and strengthen those muscles.  It’s fun and it’s a mental game too.  Ok maybe I’m stretching the truth by calling it fun.  Lie on your back and put a blood pressure cuff under your low back.  Then inflate the cuff to about 80 mmHg.  Then you contract both the muscles in your belly and in your low back.  They work together.  Once these muscles are contracted, you do leg lifts and different things with your limbs while trying to keep the blood pressure cuff at 80.  Ataxia is a problem with control and this exercise is all about controlling those muscles.

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  1. Brooke F.
    Feb 16 2014

    Hey! Thanks friend. Zack has been working on standing balance a lot and I have noticed some positive changes in his leg ataxia and balance lately. I will share this with him.

    • Feb 16 2014

      You’re welcome! Hmmm, he really needs to start with KY.

  2. Dora
    Feb 16 2014

    Thanks Amy! I will send it to Luis’ therapist.

    • Feb 18 2014

      You’re quite welcome! I hope this helps him.

  3. Feb 18 2014

    ok, something else to try, thanks:)

    • Feb 18 2014

      You’re welcome! You told me you have pretty bad ataxia on the left side right? How is it now?


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