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I’m in therapy and I don’t care who knows it.  When your entire life and world is interrupted by a stroke at the age of 30, a little therapy is quite, quite necessary to figure some things out.  Frankly, I think everyone should do some therapy and do a little internal work, but saying that would fall on deaf ears to most people.  My therapist, who is absolutely unbelievably amazing, does psychotherapy developed by Carl Jung with me.  One component of this therapy is getting to know your inner self, your personal truth.  Apparently, I have a rather strong inner self.  This is because a year and a half after my stroke, when I could barely walk and barely talk, and despite being told differently by some friends and relatives who didn’t know the truth and who were fooled by outward appearances and who were supposed to have my back no matter what but did not, I left my relationship because there was a constant inner voice saying “this ain’t right.”  I had a very good reason to stay put.  I was financially secure, now not so much.  My life would have been “easy” had I sold my soul and played the appropriate role in front of others.  But I couldn’t do it.  Even in the state I was in, it made me sick.  And that is SO SO SO SO SO not something that I should have had to decide at that time.  But I did, so I left.  I look back on that now and am kind of amazed that I did that.  Listen to your inner voice, people, don’t ignore it.

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  1. I absolutely believe in therapy! Also trusting my inner voice MOST of the time. My hospital physiotherapist figured out how cognitively screwed up I was and sent me off to a great comprehensive outpatient program. I got a team of Physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, dietician and,,,, a social worker trained to work with people who have suffered life changing health challenges. Non Jungian.. but really experienced with working with people who had gone through what we have. She did at least weekly 1 on 1, worked with my family there a couple times, did a therapy group for a summer, and ran the mindful meditation group combined with group therapy for about 6 to 10 of her outpatient clients, I went to 4 sets of about 8 weeks of guided meditation. I still meditate – it works for me like your yoga. I had this free outpatient therapy for almost 3 years.

    • That sounds amazing, Linda! That’s one thing that has not been made available to zack and I have no idea how to get anything like that for him. He has some cog issues- mostly in the social/emotional areas. And I feel helpless and a little hopeless. I have talked to him about relearning it because I know he is capable. But he definitely needs formal training/help. We have also talked about putting him in counseling but because he can’t always get in touch with how he feels and has a hard time expressing himself, a normal therapist just won’t do. I really feel stuck as far as how to help him. What was the facility called? I would love to look them up and see if there is anything available near us.

  2. While I did see a therapist for a while, I looked at it more of an intellectual challenge to figure where she was going. I don’t think anyone has yet gotten totally inside my psyche. I was arrogant enough to think, I’m too damn smart to be depressed and needing help.

  3. I completely agree that everyone should go to therapy! It has helped me immensely! I have gotten so many practical skills and I feel like I have been equipped to do life better. Not to mention, being able to spill your guys and complain and share with someone who you aren’t worried will judge you and who listens because it is their job… That is an amazing feeling. Yes, everyone, attention-go to counseling/therapy!!

  4. I go to a psychotherapist weekly; it’s talk therapy, not psycho-analysis. She helps me with handling loss and protecting myself emotionally. For me, it works.

    Brooke: one amazing thing about my insurance company is that it pays for an unlimited number of psychotherapy visits. They covered 50 OT/PT sessions per year the first two calendar years and unlimited psychoanalysis forever.

  5. Does this make you feel (glad, happy, blessed – not sure what the appropriate word is here) okay to have had a stroke?
    Without it, would you have discovered yoga, therapy to find your inner self, or listening to your inner voice?
    I know that you want to move, but with your therapist nearby, maybe you are where you need to be – right now.
    This has made you much stronger. You are a unique individual and sharing that with everyone is a gift.

    I’m almost 3 years in and I’m not sure – some things are better and some are worse.

    • I’m not ok with this having happened to me but no I would have absolutely most definitely not have found some stuff without it. Sooooo I don’t know. If not for the stroke I would have lived an absolutely miserable existence. This has made me much much stronger. I agree, some things are better, some things are worse. Actually most are better. Lori you’re making me think too much!!!!! 🙂

      • Thinking too much is a good thing, Amy!
        You were interupted at 30 – and it was horrible (I’ve read and I know). I guess that my overall question is….
        Was this a good interruption….
        or a bad interruption…
        I’m in the same boat, I’m working out the same result for myself. It’s very difficult.

      • It’s not okay for me to have had a stroke either, and never will be. Overall, my life is just so difficult now – 4 years later and my heart is still broken, exercise that was once such a pleasure is out of reach now, and my disability is a burden on my husband. Some specific aspects are better now (my job, which I loved, was a complete waste of my time and commitment, but I would’ve stayed there forever). And I wouldn’t have my sweet dog. Although I’ve lost a few friends, I’ve identified which I can rely on. It doesn’t all even out, but there have been some positive results.

    • For me this was the best thing to happen, I was sleepwalking thru life, not realizing how miserable I was. I found out I’m one hell of an extrovert and I have a goal that will probably not be done by the time I die. But then I will have groomed successors that will be even worse than me.

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