Cool people call them ‘plyos.’ Plyometrics are jumps. I can’t jump, so no plyos for me right now. A plyometric exercise is when an eccentric contraction is immediately followed by a quick and powerful concentric contraction. What that means is that you’re stretching out a muscle by making it longer, then using that energy to shorten the muscle really fast and powerfully. So, think of a squat jump. Jillian Michaels loves to have people do these on The Biggest Loser. Ok, first you squat down. This is using the quadriceps muscle eccentrically and stretching it out as you squat. Then you straighten your legs and jump in the air. This motion is concentrically contracting the quadriceps muscle by shortening it. And you jump in the air, that’s the plyometric part. You’re doing a high intensity burst by using all the energy you created when squatting to jump up. It’s a way to create power in a muscle. You stretch the muscle, then you powerfully concentrically contract it. Be careful with plyos, they can be hard on the joints. Sprinkle them throughout your workout. Like I said, I couldn’t do a plyo if I wanted because I can’t jump off the ground. If you can jump, try some plyos maybe.

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  1. Good tips, thanks, Amy! Do you know exactly what prevents you from jumping?

  2. As I read this, it really angered me that you can’t jump. I’m so sorry. That’s not okay. I’m praying for you, Amy. Zack’s anniversary is in a few days, I think I am extra sensitive right now.

    • The 1st year anniversary is the hardest by far. What exact day?

      • Not sure which to pick. His first symptoms started on the 26th of February. That was the day I got the text that said, “I can’t get out of bed because I am so dizzy.” Then I got a sub and took him to the walk in clinic that afternoon…he could walk by then…and she told us it was bad allergies. I called months later and told them that they should tell Jennifer…I believe that was her name, to look in to things a little better before making crappy diagnoses. I feel bad for the call now as I was just venting and wanted to be angry at someone. Anyway, yes, the 26th. Then He was fine for two days and got worse again the 1st and never got better…continued to get worse and be wrongly diagnosed. I’d like to give the ER doc a piece of my mind too. It was super busy and he spent about 5 minutes in Zack’s room. It makes me sick to think about. If only I could rewind…how much different would life be right now. I know that’s not good to think about, but sometimes I can’t help it.

  3. My excuse is that ‘White Men Can’t Jump’. Amy? I used to be able to and my quads are still quite strong.

  4. I have to ask: do those cool people pronounce the Y as a long E or a long I?

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