When I had a stroke and for the first year afterward, I was clueless. To all newbies: DON’T ORDER SPAGHETTI AT A RESTAURANT! You will embarrass yourself greatly. Order finger foods. Nothing that needs to be cut. Pasta is a bad bad choice, especially long noodles. Especially to someone with tremors. Especially on a date. Especially with someone you’re not extremely extremely comfortable with. Things like chicken fingers, fish that’s easy to cut with a fork with one hand, pizza, maybe sandwiches, maybe. Depends. Things that are already in bite size pieces. As an adult, asking someone else to cut up your food – oh my God that’s humiliating.


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  1. I think it’s a bad idea in general for anyone, stroke or no stroke to rode spaghetti in a public place. When I was looking for medical jobs after training, lunch was often part of the “interview” and I was very careful about what I ordered. Certainly no spaghetti. I love spaghetti, though, so it’s kind of a secret vice that Steve and I share.

  2. On dates, I look for sandwiches on the menu and ask the server to have it cut in half cuz I’m so dainty like that. Not.

  3. Yes, I can totally agree with this. Spaghetti was difficult before the stroke unless you totally knew what you were doing. After the stroke, I became pretty good at managing my right (affected-side) through meals but – spaghetti or any other long tubular pasta – definitely needs the left hand – or someone has to chop it up. I used to be the same way about meat – you have to learn how to manage that on your own.
    We’ll have to ask Dean about this when he returns from Italy – home of the pasta!!!

  4. Personally I love spaghetti but only eat it at home. I do always carry my handy dandy ulu with me in my bag when I go out to eat. Besides no commercial sauce beats mine. It’s an all day labor of love from real tomatoes or my canned tomatoes home grown. I tend to twirl the spaghetti. Now meats I’ll always choose the cut up versions when dining out.

    Now the point is mute because I’m stuck at home. I can’t afford a sitter for hubby dearest to dine out. I’ve never had a problem with getting food into my mouth as evident of my plump shape. Swallowing is another issue.

  5. Zack actually has a pretty difficult time with sandwiches, depending in the type. Sub sandwiches with firm bread are difficult for him because everything comes out the bottom. He doesn’t care what he looks like, though. He just grabs a fork and eats on. We actually just had a conversation te other day about being embarrassed about stuff. He has a very beautiful singing voice (I’ll have to show you a video sometime) but he never sang seriously in front of just me-in the car, for instance. Now that his voice is currently not what it used to be, he sings with me all the time. And I absolutely love it! I asked him what changed and he said that he used to be embarrassed before and that this experience has taught him that being embarrassed over little things isn’t worth it. I have to say, that’s one thing that’s come from this that I can say is good.

    Now, spaghetti is a whole different story! That stuff is a bear to eat. Now I want some, though! I love to cook, but my home made spaghetti is never great.

    • Ooooo, powerful lesson……he’s gonna have a lot of those, and you too. I have friends that everyday I write something profound to them that I’ve learned in the last 3 years and we call them Amyisms.

  6. Surely, covering yourself (and possibly your date) in pasta sauce is all part of the fun. I think the Japanese have the best idea, it’s bad form not to slurp your noodles from a noodle soup.

    I’m not sure my wife agrees totally with my point of view on this, but it’s too late, she’s married me now 🙂

  7. I’ll be really bad, On a date you could be licking spaghetti sauce off each other. The only spaghetti I had in Italy was with butter and spices, no flying tomato sauce. Still hated getting it on my fork.

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