Transverse Friction Massage

I could never have long nails as a PT and one reason is that I gave a lot of transverse friction massages.  But I was sick and tired of not being able to have long nails so I had a stroke.  I can grow my nails long now.  A transverse friction massage is when you rub back and forth perpendicular to a tendon.  It’s always over a tendon.  Usually if you have tendonitis, you’ll get a transverse friction massage.  It breaks up scar tissue and increases circulation to the area promoting healing. I would do it for I think about 5 minutes. I don’t know, I forget. They hurt at first but then they feel good.

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  1. I have always worked with my hands, first as a physician then as an artist, so I’ve never had long nails. How do you use a computer keyboard with long nails?

  2. I am seeing a massage therapist monthly. Only thing that helps the pain in my neck. shoulder and side. Wonder if she wants long nails? I will have to ask. grin
    I hardly ever bother with my nails. Short nails were needed when I was working in infectious disease especially since I needed to wear disposable gloves frequently.

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