Today my yoga teacher asked me “What would you say is the biggest difference between the physical stuff you do with me and physical therapy?”  Well that’s a damn good question.  What is the difference?  Why am I so obsessed with this stuff?  What has this done for me that physical therapy could never have done?

Ok, here’s the main difference.  In this practice, every single physical movement that I perform is coordinated with breath.  In PT school, they taught us nothing about the breath.  Well that’s not true, they talked about diaphragmatic breathing for about half an hour one day in my 3 years of graduate school.  They taught diddly squat about coordinating the breath with movement.  And that’s the key.  That’s why I can do the things that I can do and why I look kinda good.  The first time that my teacher had me perform an exercise where I’m on my hands and knees(quadruped position) and lifting alternate opposite legs and arms, I could do it easily and my mind was blown and here is why.  This exercise is very commonly given out in physical therapy.  Many of my patients could not do it, because they didn’t have control over the movement.  Before I started taking these lessons, my PT gave me this exercise after the stroke and I couldn’t do it.  With my teacher, when she told me to coordinate my breath with movements, inhaling as I lift the arm and leg and exhaling on the way down, I could do it.  Not only could I do it, but it was controlled.  For the first time since I had the stroke, I felt like I had control over my movements.  Up until then, my entire body was completely out of my control.  I originally started doing this because I thought that it would help some emotional things that I was dealing with.  And I was dealing with quite A LOT of emotional crap.  Well suffice it to say it most certainly has helped with all of that but the physical benefits that I have received from it are unbelievable.  When I open up my neuro rehab clinic, meditation and breath work will be mandatory.  I’d be dead if it weren’t for this.  My neurosurgeon had nothing to do with saving my life.  That guy prevented me from dying but this practice of meditation and breath work saved my life.

Happy birthday a day early Mom. I love you.  Here’s what Grumpy Cat thinks about your birthday……


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  1. Hey, stop putting yourself down, you’ve always looked better than kinda good.

  2. Thank you sweetheart. I love you too. And remember, St. Patrick wasn’t Irish. He was actually of Italian descent as am I. Here’s proof

  3. The only thing my PT told me about breathing was not to hold my breath.


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