Quabity Ashwoods

I’m going to start working soon and my job is going to be Quabity Ashwoods.  The first person who can tell me what that means and what it’s from gets a prize.

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  1. Prize goes to…Dean!

  2. Quality assurance

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  3. Creed Bratton on “The Office” worked in quality assurance at Dundermifflin, and it somehow got bastardized to “quabity Ashwoods.” Who came first? How old is the street? Or maybe the twist on QA was referring to something already in existence? Google fail.

  4. No, no, its the ash wood I used to make Michigan style snowshoes. The one piece of wood bent in a U shape with upturned toes. In order to get two useable pieces I had to steam and bend 6, 4 turned into large splinters. The real rawhide was fun to lace when wet. I barely watch TV so I’m incredibly stupid that way, I never get trivia answers on TV shows.

  5. Congratulations, Amy, that’s awesome!

  6. More details on your job, please.

    • It’s going to be a part-time, all paperwork job. Basically I’ll be the assistant of the guy at our company who handles compliance stuff, helping him out and doing chart reviews and stuff.

  7. Sounds like a good fit. How will you get there? Do you drive? Am I being too nosey?

  8. Congratulations! Sounds ideal.

  9. Congrats Amy, you’re an ideal candidate for promoting quality, first you’ll have to tell them all they know nothing and to start from scratch. 10% recoverers is failure of massive proportions. Set the goal at 100% and hear the squealing.

  10. I hope you have a chance to celebrate the new job.

  11. How awesome!!! So excited for you!!

  12. Did you see that is my job title on Facebook??? 🙂 Great minds, I tell you!!!

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