There’s a labrum at the shoulder joint and at the hip joint. These joints, the shoulder and hip, are called ball-and-socket joints. At the end of both the upper arm bone and thigh, the end near the body, is a ball. The ball fits into the part of the joint on the body that is a socket. This kind of joint allows all kinds of motion. In order to make this socket deeper, there’s a labrum. It’s a ring of tissue that goes around the edge of the socket to deepen it. Sometimes, this ring of tissue gets torn and labral tears can hurt like a mother, or they may not hurt. A labral tear may cause a feeling of severe instability, but no pain. If contracting your biceps causes a lot of pain in the shoulder you might have a certain kind of labral tear called a SLAP lesion because part of the bicep attaches to the labrum. If you hear a lot of clicks, pops, or a catching sensation, you might have a labral tear. The most important thing at the shoulder when dealing with a labral tear is to have a strong rotator cuff. The most important thing at the hip is….uhhh….I don’t really know if anything is ‘most important’ at the hip when dealing with a labral tear.

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  1. I had a lady tell me last week tell me she had physio to “make her butt strong so she won’t fall” and hurt her hip. So I am going with having a strong butt is the way to go for hips.

  2. So thats probably what I squashed when I fell with my bike directly on my hipbone. Doctor said there was nothing to do about it.

    • That’s absolutely shocking that a doctor would say that. Shocking. I’m shocked. Shocked, I say.

      • Well, he did say he could take an MRI and prove one way or the other if I had a hairline fracture. But what he would do about it if true was exactly the same, nothing. So I badly limped for 2 weeks until it got better.

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