Here’s a picture of my dog looking out the window…….


This may not seem like a great picture but here’s why I took it.  The sun is out.  Seeing the sun is a rarity in Pittsburgh.  It’ll be gone in a few hours, it’s very fickle.

etcolonel meow grumpy catsleepingloving this


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  1. We actually don’t want sun here because that would speed up the snow melt and cause flooding worse than is already occurring.

  2. The sun’s out here … For the second day in a row!!!!

  3. It’s out here in Chicago as well, but it is still bone cracking cold. I am tired of waiting for Spring. Marta

  4. Ummmm. Well, I wore capris and a tank top to the park on Saturday. And jeans, sandals, and a t-shirt to work today.

    Says the California girl. I don’t think we ever had a winter here. Which is also why we are having a super terrible drought. We need rain BADLY.

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