I had lunch a few weeks ago with my old boss, the greatest man in the world, to discuss my upcoming job thing.  We were talking about my capability of treating patients and I told him that I couldn’t because of my tremor.  Because of that, I couldn’t do any manual(hands-on) stuff.  Also, I couldn’t guard anyone while they were practicing walking because I have my own walking/balance issues.  Especially on stairs.  He said “well you sure hide it well.”  I said “yeah I know, I know what I look like but I got issues.”  He replied “So do I.” 🙂  You can’t tell anything is wrong with me to look at me and for that I’m very lucky but I have a lot of issues.  DO NOT judge a book by its cover!  I couldn’t/wouldn’t tell someone that they will be safe as long as I’m next to them because I can’t guarantee that.  I mean, you can’t guarantee that not having had a stroke but I really really really couldn’t guarantee it now.  But I can most certainly tell people what to do.  I like that.

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  1. Everyone has issues, some hide it better. Someday I’ll figure out what mine are. And you can be the greatest employee in the world, working for the greatest boss.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I was wondering about your tremor. Has it improved since you had the stroke? If it has, upto what extent?
    Luis, my husband has a left arm tremor and later developed his trunk tremor. I would like dome advice. He had the stroke almost 10 months ago.

  3. So glad you have such a wonderful boss!
    yeah.. not all disabilities are obvious. I had a lot of cognitive issues and some still pop out occasionally at very inconvenient times.

  4. i can think of no one better to take over the world except for maybe Dean as far as stroke care.

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