There are some things about me that shock people.  Mostly it’s the things that I say.  I’ll give you an example.  The other day I was in a conversation with a couple of people and my friend said to me “you’re always thinking.”  This is what I replied……”some would say that I think too much.  You’d think that I wouldn’t think as much after I blew out a part of my brain but I think that I think more now.”  One of the people in this conversation was kinda mortified that I said I blew out a part of my brain.  The other person in this conversation is quite used to me saying things like that.  It made me realize that saying stuff like that scares the normals of the world.  After what I’ve been through there really isn’t anything that could shock me and I wouldn’t hesitate to say something like that to you guys but I guess if you haven’t experienced this yourself or with a close loved one that kind of humor freaks some people out.  So I guess I maybe should start watching what I say to certain people.  Or not.



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  1. I tell people I have a black hole in my brain, that weirds them out. Who cares what normals think? They really know nothing, nothing concentrates the mind like having a stroke, suggest they have one, it will make them smarter.

  2. Normals can be clueless. They tell me that I don’t seem brain -damaged. What about the hemiparesis you morons? And what were they expecting? A drooling idiot?

  3. You don’t freak me out!

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  4. I usually say ,” Its amazing the things I can do with a big piece of my brain missing.” It does amaze me really. Yes, I have issues but unless you knew me really well before, you would never know. I seem “normal”, although I am greatly changed.

  5. I call it brain damaged. My kids picked it up as a way of an introduction for me, “Don’t mind her. She’s brain damaged.” Strangers do not know how to react. They will either laugh or look shocked. Then they see the arm that doesn’t move and the hear the way I speak.

    I don’t drool…much.

  6. I am constantly saying “Well I only have half a cerebellum.” People laugh and change the subject. I am at the point in my recovery where people feel uncomfortable even discussing my stroke much less referencing it.

  7. lol!! 1-800-GET-A-DOG will undoubtedly be the funniest thing I encounter today. Did Grumpy Cat even exist before a third of my brain was pureed?

  8. I think I think way too much now. Having said that, I certainly find I think things through much better. We have been doing up our house, before and now since the stroke, I think the decisions I make now, are way better than they were before. Perhaps I think better now, or perhaps I’m more easily pleased 🙂

    • Sean, that’s interesting, because we have continuously remodeled our house also, and my decision-making about that has changed too – rather than being more easily pleased, I think I am more likely to compromise and tell my husband to decide rather than be my old opinionated self. I prefer to share the decision-making UNLESS my opinion is very strong about the feature. Having the kitchen cabinets EXACTLY the color I wanted doesn’t matter as much as it used to. Brain injury or age?

      • Interesting, interesting! I’m like Sean, my decisions now are just better. And I’m not very compromising.

      • I mostly just care less about unimportant things. Color, style, whatever. I used to care now I guess I’m easier to please this way, whatever changes my husband makes, I’m fine with. I used to be very concerned about all the details, times have changed!

        • But style and color ARE important here in this antique and historic home we’re renovating.

          • I collect antiques too. And I do appreciate the beauty of period pieces and such…..its just for me…..if nobody is in danger…I don’t care anymore. I actually sold a bunch of my stuff, not seeing the “value” in needing a bunch of possessions. My life has been greatly simplified by all of this. I used to love to go to flea markets and such, not anymore. Like I said, for me times have changed. I don’t care if the light fixtures are exactly as I imagined or if the paint shade is lighter or darker. Its all “good enough” now without all the fussing.Probably my fatigue, which is very severe, plays a part in my reduced tenacity…I don’t have the energy to care as much unless its life/death, dire circumstances.

            • Hmmm, Elizabeth, I think you have misunderstood –
              I have never been materialistic, even a tiny bit, before or after stroke. Things matter very little to me, while people matter a lot, whether it’s life/death or not. Also important to me are art (the expression, not the object) and history – the stories of people (not the things) who preceded us. And that’s just my philosophy, which does not make it applicable to everyone or a fact.

  9. Misunderstood? Yes probably, happens all the time with this “damaged” brain. 😉 I definatly don’t understand or relate to how paint colors and style ARE important, but we have clearly different priorities based on our completely different lives.What’s important to me is not necessarily what’s important to someone else and vise versa…no judging. 🙂

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