Month: April 2014


Who can tell me what the word(well, it’s not really a word) ‘comfortability’ is from?  So I had this experience last weekend.  This is what happened.  I went to hang out and watch the Penguins game with my friend at… Read More ›


I’m a really weird, ridiculous person and I say a lot of weird things.  I was like this before the stroke.  However, after the stroke – man did I say some weird shit.  Not just the normal very weird things… Read More ›

Feels like……..

I was recently watching an old rerun of Friends and someone made a mess or something and Monica said “So this is what a stroke feels like.”  I have a thing or two to say about that.  I know what… Read More ›

2 Years

WordPress just sent me a notification that today is my 2-year anniversary of starting the blog.  I remember reading somewhere that the majority of personal blogs are discontinued within 2 years because of lack of interest.  So good for me… Read More ›

Gait gait gait gait gait

Dean asked me recently if I knew of any videos or anything demonstrating the proper mechanics of gait.  I didn’t, but I looked around the interweb and found this.  It’s really good.  But it’s also kinda boring and technical.  But… Read More ›