Grumpy Cat Birthday

Today is Grumpy Cat’s birthday.  I had to commemorate it.  I apologize if I’ve used some of these before.

assaultbitchgo awaygrumpy-cat-secretsluckytalking shitunfriend


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  1. Happy Birthday GC! I’m going to send her an autographed copy of my book “The Power of Negative Thinking”. I think she’d like that. Now if only I’d actually written it. That would be something.

  2. Still laughing!

  3. Positive energy pushes the universe apart; negative energy holds it together.

    • The universe is mostly dark matter I think. Calling all astrophysicists – am I right?

      • You’re right, but I’d say dark matter pushes the universe into another dimension, maybe 9th,10th,11th.

        • How many dimensions are there anyway? And why would dark matter push the universe into another one? Personally, I can only handle four dimensions on a daily basis. Does anyone out there routinely exist in more than four? If so, what’s your secret? I could really use some extra dimensions.

          • String theory postulates 10 dimensions but I guess Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory has given up on string theory. Don’t ask me to explain, I can nod my head when someone is explaining this stuff and may understand a couple of words in each sentence. Pushing into another dimension would make a good science fiction story if you want to go there.

            • I thought there were 11 dimensions. I once heard Brian Greene explain string theory. I did the nodding thing. Everyone thought I was really deep. Five dimensional geometry is really pretty. Check it out.

  4. Whoa, these comments are way too heavy.

  5. And yes I am talking a lot of shit, its what I’m good at.

  6. Yes, but isn’t it fun to play with these thoughts?

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