I have been told multiple times, by multiple people, that I saved their life with my blog.  I sure wasn’t doing anything lifesaving as a physical therapist.  But now I am.  I didn’t save any lives by tempering what I say.  I didn’t do it by being afraid to voice my opinions.  I did it because I’m not afraid to tell it like it is.

I’ve said this on my blog before and like any good stroke survivor I’m going to repeat it over and over and over.  Then take a nap.  Then repeat it over and over and over again.  Then most likely take another nap.  Then repeat it some more.  My brain surgeon did not save my life.  That guy shaved my entire scalp, opened up my skull, performed 2 hours of surgery on my brain for which he was SICKENINGLY paid that kept me alive and prevented me from dying, closed me up then left me to fend for myself with severe disabilities.  He did not help my recovery or help me get back to life in the least.  No doctor of any kind helped my recovery.  How did I find the things that did help me?  MY research.  No doctors included.

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  1. The whole time reading this, I had Johnny Cash’s song “I walk the line” stuck in ny head.
    I got the book that you suggested – working my way through it – it’s difficult reading – usually turns into a nap! It as much about disorders as it is about rewiring the brain – a lot to work on. I have also started watching videos. We’ll see what happens next.
    “Because you’re mine, I walk the line”
    Now, it’s time for a nap!

  2. Three things saved my life, My ex getting 911 going immediately, tPA in 90 minutes, my fantastic physical shape. My recovery is pretty much completely my own. My doctor did diddly squat, my OT was great even with her NDT leanings.

  3. Saved my life? My husband saved my life. I was about to get in my car and drive an hour to work (all highway), when he tricked me to get me in the car and drove me to the ER. And he walked into the ER saying, “My wife just had a stroke.” I was conscious and my symptoms came and went in the ER, so my medical care (oxygen and coumadin, and “no” to tPA) didn’t save me. It was my husband who saved my life – and the life of whomever my car was going to hit and kill.

  4. Amy that is similar to what happened to me. Doctors didn’t even know I had had a stroke for over 24 hours !! Then a neurosurgeon removed part of my skull to relieve the pressure and removed half of my cerebellum which had died due to the blood clot. The skull bone was never replaced and I had many complications over the three months I was in the hospital.

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