bunnyeggsrabbiteaster bunny

And these cracked me up………

calm gc basket

I realize that today is like the holiest day of the year and that these pictures may offend some, but I think they’re f’ing hilarious.  🙂


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  1. Yes me too. I did a quick blog of two jokes today as well as my Sunday Stroke Survival. Easter is a joyous holiday…why not have a laugh or two. Happy Easter Amy.

  2. I loved the killing you 20 times one. Off to see the British advertising awards. My favorite of all time was a migration of retired golfers crossing a stream being chased and pulled down by porn stars. No idea what they were selling.

  3. The killing you 20 times one is my favorite too. Happy Easter to all. We are celebrating by bringing the cats to the vet for their annual check-up and shots. Getting them into the carriers is always an adventure. Elsa put deep scratches into the kitchen counter and Grizzie put deep scratches into my husband. They’ve got spunk those two.

  4. I am offended by the one that says the Easter Bunny needed salt, I think it should say pepper instead…..I am not really offended, just sad I have to constantly watch my sodium intake

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