Month: May 2014

Mechanical vs. Chemical Pain

If you’re having pain somewhere, do something about it.  Pain is your body’s way of warning you that something isn’t right.  But then again you might be like me and have no pain or warning signs whatsoever and have a… Read More ›

Growing Up

When I had the stroke, I was 30 years old, which is an adult by 12 years as is defined by this Western culture that I live in.  I was technically an adult, but I had quite a lot of… Read More ›

Singing Lesson

I had a singing lesson last week and my teacher had me perform a breath exercise and he said “did you never do anything like this in therapy?”  My answer, “not even close.”  He was disgusted.  He said nothing but… Read More ›

Capsular Pattern

I was reviewing a chart the other day and saw the phrase ‘capsular pattern.’  Most joints in the body have a capsular pattern.  Here’s what that means……Most joints in your body are surrounded by what’s called a capsule.  The capsule is a… Read More ›


I rant and rave on here a lot about how I am not too fond of medical doctors.  I have a DAMN good reason to feel that way.  Damn good.  In my last post, there was a discussion in the… Read More ›

On My Own

One day a few years ago, I drove to work.  As soon as I got to work my legs stopped working and I fell down.  Something terrible had happened to my brain.  I got to the emergency room within about… Read More ›


I talk a lot on here and am very open about the fact that I have kind of a dysfunctional family, but I exaggerate.  And also, who the hell doesn’t nowadays?  I can count on less than half of one… Read More ›


2 people sent me this article today. It’s about how yoga can help those with brain injuries. Interesting. You’d think that the people that were supposed to help me the most, my doctors, would have told me something about yoga… Read More ›


A little over a year and a half ago, I needed to reboot my life.  When I say reboot, I mean RE THE F*** BOOT.  I didn’t need to reboot because of the stroke, that was 3 years ago.  I… Read More ›


I think I’ve proven by means of this blog that I know a thing or two.  After this happened to me, all the people in my life thought and treated me as if I had lost all my knowledge.  Everyone… Read More ›