I talk a lot on here and am very open about the fact that I have kind of a dysfunctional family, but I exaggerate.  And also, who the hell doesn’t nowadays?  I can count on less than half of one hand the people I know that have a normal, great family system.  Dysfunction makes the world go round.  The world would be a really boring place if there was no dysfunction.  I have talked ad nauseam about the fact that meditation saved my life.  I do credit that with saving my life but I didn’t start until 9 or 10 months after the stroke.  And it took about a year to kick in and really make me feel alive again.  So what kept me alive until then?  My mom.  It was my mother’s love.  My mom does a SHITLOAD for me and I know A LOT of people who cannot say that.  I know people who don’t even speak with their mother.  So I’m incredibly lucky to have that in my life.  I wouldn’t have gotten through this if not for my mom.  I love you Mom, happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. My mom stayed with my boy when I was in the hospital (moved in) and came over every day when I came home after til I could get along on my own. And I had the aneurysm on her 70th birthday and all I could think when I was throwing up (from nausea) and my head hurt like hell that I was ruining my mom’s birthday, but she has told me, always crying, that having her daughter still alive was the best birthday present she could have. Ok, now I’m crying. Mom’s love you. I’m so grateful, too!

  2. Thank you sweetheart. I love you

  3. I have no moms left. 😦 They have all gone to heaven to greet me later. Enjoy yours.

  4. My family takes dysfunction to a whole new level. My mom told my first speech therapist,”you know, she used to be normal.” Ugh….but I’m a mom x2 now and I love my boys more than life itself. My older son was the best rehab ever…..he was so hard and I wanted to take care of him more than anything. If I could recover enough, quickly enough I could have another baby before I was too old. My little Luke is the reward for countless hours of hard boring rehab. 🙂 My life is complete because I get to be a mom!

    • I win hands-down in the dysfunction able family category: after my mother died, my father looked up his high-school sweetheart (the love of his life, he told us) and married her; turned out they had a child together, so we had a half-sister he expected us to embrace as one of us. My siblings are some of my best friends, though, and she was a stranger. There has been a bit of animosity since then. He is 88 and living in FLA now, refusing to let even Saint Favorite-son visit him.

    • OH MY GOD SHE SAID THAT??????????????/

  5. How wonderful that your mother could help you. My mother died 23 years, two months and 7 days ago, so she wasn’t around to help; my four siblings, though, stepped in. The beginning of recovery would have been doomed without them. BTW, my little sister is a tyrant.


  1. They lead such boring lives.... - Far From Normal

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