I rant and rave on here a lot about how I am not too fond of medical doctors.  I have a DAMN good reason to feel that way.  Damn good.  In my last post, there was a discussion in the comments about the inadequacy of physiatrists and neurologists and Jim said at the end of one of his comments “So, we’ve identified the issue, now what’s the solution?”  Hmm.

What’s the solution?  I know that there are multiple doctors and spouses of doctors that read this so whaddya say docs, will you help advocate to get meditation practices and all of Dean’s thoroughly researched hyperacute and acute therapies covered by insurance, and used in hospitals and rehab facilities where they belong?  Because right now, there’s a hell of a lot of research out there and NONE of it is being utilized.  None.  You need some research to take to your superiors?  Go on Dean’s blog.  There are thousands of research articles there.  You want some more?  Here ya go.  What you have there is over 3000 published research articles about the benefits of meditation.

Everyone that goes into medicine does so because they want to help people.  Eventually, usually through no fault of their own that desire to help people becomes overshadowed by a requirement of a stupid insurance company to do some kind of meaningless research.  I get it.  Oh, or as in my case the doctors are just jaded and don’t give a crap anymore.  But no matter what, you can advocate.  You can open your mouth and release words.  You can be an advocate for this stuff to be used, because right now it’s not.  Don’t let anyone else get the opinion that I have of MDs because it’s not good, prove that you want to and can help.

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  1. Well I am taking advocacy very seriously. That is the whole point of my taking Therapeutic Recreation. For so many people, when the official therapy runs out, what is left! Activities like meditation, exercise groups, art therapy, music therapy are arranged for by different support and community organizations as recreation but they absolutely make a huge difference to people having any kind of quality of life and hope of further recovery. This is not doing much for acute car. Counting down .. 3 more weeks till I get my certification!
    Acute care is a whole other disaster around here but is improving very slowly.

  2. I wish I knew the answer, today I’m going to a local hospital presentation on ‘Time is Brain’; I’m trying to figure out how I should show his lack of knowledge because he might be the entry into the system.

    • He changed his presentation from last year and added that tPA gives you a 33% better chance of recovery, still didn’t list its 88% failure rate. Corrected his statement on carotid artery blockage problems causing stroke. They don’t if the Circle of Willis is intact.
      Got in a question on why nothing was being done during the first week. Many failures in human tests, told him maybe since rodent inflammation is not the same as human inflammation it would make sense those drugs would fail.

      • What was his reaction? Did he just get defensive or was he receptive to you?

        • Well, I also am going to a lunch and learn presentation by him next week, I’ll see if I can’t get him one-on-one and maybe offer to buy him lunch sometime. He is definitely stuck in the current standard of care, I have to see under what circumstances he would change his mind

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