Singing Lesson

I had a singing lesson last week and my teacher had me perform a breath exercise and he said “did you never do anything like this in therapy?”  My answer, “not even close.”  He was disgusted.  He said nothing but I could tell that he was disgusted by the look on his face.  My most recent speech therapist, who I adore and love, taught me a lot about breath support but had me do NOTHING like what I do in my singing lessons.  My first speech therapist taught me nada about the breath and I DO NOT love and adore him.  The opposite, actually.  I am a physical therapist.  A PT’s education is about physical stuff.  Muscles and bones and whatnot, but good God a LARGE part of a PT’s education should be focused on breath work and how different breathing patterns can influence physical movements.  A speech therapist’s education is about SPEECH and the breath is the foundation of speech soooooo…..what the hell?  These exercises should be a part of every speech therapy and it’s ridiculous that they are not.

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  1. My husband and I joined a small community choir. I was not an asset to it but no one complained so we are still there. It helped work on my voice, my visual tracking, my memory, trying to learn to read music once again, It was good to be out socially too. We practice for an hour and a half and coffee for an hour, (I got cut off of speech therapy after a couple of months)
    I went for Guitar lessons too, The poor teacher looked pretty overwhelmed and horrified at the first lesson but he hung in there with me. He even had to get the guitar out of the case and carry it to the room for me. I give those lessons (and a whole lot of practice time) full credit for my not-dominant hand working reasonably well. I had a ton of physio covered but NO ONE, except me, was interested in getting my hand working properly.

    I will say that my OT was encouraging and willing to talk to the choir director and guitar teacher, And for a while we included reading music as well as numeracy as part of my OT cognitive goals.

  2. Life is definitely giving us the test first and the lessons later, isn’t it? I am glad you are still be exposed to people who can continue to teach you these important lessons.

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