Growing Up

When I had the stroke, I was 30 years old, which is an adult by 12 years as is defined by this Western culture that I live in.  I was technically an adult, but I had quite a lot of growing up to do.  Quite a lot.  Well, in the last few years since the stroke, I grew up and then some.  I have been told quite a few times that I am wise beyond my years.  And I am.  I definitely am.  See, a stroke ages you quite a bit so after the stroke I was aged by probably like 50 years.  Now I’m regressing in age so I’m about 80 minus 30, maybe.  But I’m wise beyond my 33 years, probably about 20 or 30 years wiser than I should be so um……… old am I?  I don’t know, don’t really care either.  Age is all relative.

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  1. I didn’t grow up until now, 8 years post. When I retire I’m going to relive my college years. Maybe if I’m lucky I can create an open cabin for all my friends to hang out whenever they feel like it. Wood and alcohol supply have to be topped off whenever you leave.

  2. It does age us in ways that are unexplainable. Remember though to not age so fast you lose perspective of the fun you can still have. 🙂 Seize every moments and enjoy every second.

  3. Absolutely. I feel the same way. I see couples in their 60’s walking around and wonder what that’s like… To have so many years together and be healthy. It’s so weird that people way older than me haven’t experienced what I have in my mid 20’s. (Okay… Late…er 20’s) I concur, I feel old. Recently someone referred to zack as my son, “does your son need…” And then a few weeks later, when we bought our minivan, the dude we bought it from kept referring to my dad as my husband. My dad is almost 60…. I am 28. Wrong on so many levels. I know I have went through a lot this last year, but have in really aged 30+ years. That’s rhetorical. 😀

  4. Agreed!! I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime in the past 4 or so years. The lessons were often hard and painful, yet I feel empowered to do anything now. I feel like if I can fight back from this…there is almost nothing I can’t do… long as I get lots of sleep and rest. 🙂 The same for my marriage…if we’ve survived this we’re good to go. At first I felt like my body aged along with all this, but I’m feeling better now….not so old and decrepit anymore, thank god! I will be 40 in July and am feeling pretty good about the whole thing….age is just a #!

  5. I really get this, this is how I feel. Had my stroke 2011.

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