Mechanical vs. Chemical Pain

If you’re having pain somewhere, do something about it.  Pain is your body’s way of warning you that something isn’t right.  But then again you might be like me and have no pain or warning signs whatsoever and have a massive stroke one day.  It’s up to you.  Well, it’s not really up to you.  Anyway, pain….. If you have pain – this doesn’t include neurological pain after a stroke because that’s all weird – I’m mostly talking about back and neck pain here.  If you have pain somewhere along your spine or out in your extremities and it’s intermittent, it comes and goes, you can turn it on and off or your therapist can turn it on and off through positioning, that’s mechanical pain.  It’s…well it’s mechanical.  It depends on how things are positioned.  Chemical pain or internal pain will always be there.  It’s unchanging based on the position of your body.  When I would evaluate someone’s spine, if the pain that the patient was experiencing did not change at all no matter what I had the patient do, that was when I said to myself, hmm something else might be going on.  But if I could get the pain to lessen or get a lot worse depending on what position I would put the patient in, I would be pretty confident that I could eventually abolish that pain.

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