Month: June 2014


BPPV stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.  It just means you’re dizzy.  If you have BPPV, here’s why you are dizzy. When I was 2 months out of a massive stroke and had a shaved head, I went to the… Read More ›


I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ve been busy living a quasi-pseudo-normal life.  I surely haven’t been able to say that for quite some time.  For over 3 years my life has been anything but normal.  But it’s… Read More ›


I was talking to Barb recently and she made such a good observation and suggestion for a post.  The term ‘hemiparesis’ means one-sided weakness.  Hemi = half and paresis = weakness.  After a stroke, you’re going to be described as… Read More ›


Learn who you can say what to and who you can’t.  Some people will make you feel worse by responding with something incredibly insensitive and unempathetic like “It could always be worse”  or “at least…..” or “you need to…..” or… Read More ›


I was doing a jigsaw puzzle this weekend and it triggered a memory.  When I was about 20, I did a jigsaw puzzle with my mom and when we finished I got really depressed and introspective.  I was like “well… Read More ›