Learn who you can say what to and who you can’t.  Some people will make you feel worse by responding with something incredibly insensitive and unempathetic like “It could always be worse”  or “at least…..” or “you need to…..” or “you should…..”  If you speak of your feelings to someone and instead of validation they respond by telling you what they’ve been through and how much worse they had it/ have it, TALK.TO.SOME.ONE.ELSE.

Apparently I need to post this everyday until everyone in the world sees and understands it.

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  1. Somehow I managed not to get those types of comments

  2. Some people are ignorant. Saying anything more would be a bad choice right now. 😁 I don’t wanna launch into rant #2 on your blog in one day.

    “Talk to someone else”… Amen. There are sensitive, empathetic people out there.

  3. I got those comments all the time until I basically just shut myself off from the world. It doesn’t help that my situation is complicated to begin with, it’s worse when there are so few people that can understand and EMPATHIZE with what I go through and feel.

    I think the ones that hurt the most are the “At least you survived. So and so didn’t. Consider yourself lucky and stop feeling sorry for yourself.” I just recently had to verbally admit to my neuro- psychologist that I realize I will never be the same person I was prior to the hemorrhage and stroke, but now is when I have to learn to start loving the ‘new’ same, but different me. It doesn’t help me when a person decides to throw a bag full of survivor’s guilt on top of everything else.

    I’m so sorry this comment was so long; I guess I just needed to vent. ((Hugs)) Eva

    • Tell anyone that says those stupid, hurtful things to you to come on my blog and say it to me.

      • That’s just it, most of them wouldn’t have the gall. The problem with me is that I still get overwhelmed when I’m upset, so I tend to stutter or completely lose my words. Frustrating because it’s so hard to defend myself.

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