I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ve been busy living a quasi-pseudo-normal life.  I surely haven’t been able to say that for quite some time.  For over 3 years my life has been anything but normal.  But it’s getting back to “normal.”  Or as normal as things can be for me.  I have a job, I have a boyfriend, I have an apartment, I have social engagements that I sometimes go to, sometimes don’t.  Normal stuff.  Kinda normal.  Now when I use the term ‘normal’ to describe my life don’t let it be confused with when we, the stroke tribe, refer to ‘normals.’  I’m using the word ‘normal’ as an adjective, but when anyone in the tribe speaks of ‘normals,’ it is being used as a noun that refers to people who have not had a stroke or any other kind of brain injury and have never been through this hell.

Starting to work again has been a challenge, it’s been exhausting.   I haven’t used my brain for intellectual purposes and had stuff I needed to get done in over 3 years and it’s been quite an adjustment but I’m getting the hang of it.

The 2nd picture is a recycled Grumpy Cat picture but………it makes me laugh.

gc timegc smiles


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19 replies

  1. Very happy for you, Amy!

  2. I knew about the job but, you have a boyfriend???? What? When did that happen? Does he know about the tribe?

    • Oh yes he knows. He’s well aware of my tribal life. He’s been in my life for about 6 months. I resisted it for a while but he quickly won me over with his wit and sarcasm. And witty sarcasm.

  3. Great news, Amy, and an inspiration for all we fellow ‘abnormals’!

    And BTW keep those cat pictures coming. Many of us are ailurophiles, me included.

  4. Congratulations!! l bet it feels so good to “get ur life back”! A huge accomplishment to do “normal” things again!!

    • Thank you Elizabeth! It sure does feel good to get my life back. Well I didn’t really get my life back but I didn’t want that life I was living. That life was a piece of crap.

  5. I’m an occupational therapist. I’ve been reading your blog for ahile now, just wanted you to know that I am very happy for you!

  6. Amy I am so glad you are getting back to normal!!!!

  7. happy for you amy….where’s the job at? guess we wont see you at southside rehab anymore….Jay just goes to the one in greensburg plus all his other therapies…he just got a divorce so if you have any nice gf’s for him…let him know..he is on fb. wishing you the best!

  8. Ah, normality. I don’t even do any specific therapy exercises any more, living is much more fun and if more recovery comes that would be great, but not required.

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