I just received a comment on about this place that I think everyone needs to read so I made it into a brand new blog post.  In my previous post, I was telling a story about a devastating experience I recently had involving an Eastern medicine practitioner.  In that post, I said this…..

“I am more than well aware of the problems with Western medicine.  More than well aware, I wish there was a word for how aware of that I am.  But Eastern medicine has a crapload of problems too.  There are not so great practitioners in every single discipline out there, East or West, so be very careful who you trust.”

Well it is stories like this that make me so very aware of the issues with medicine in the west.  So very aware.  Trust no one…………

“My son suffered a massive brainstem stroke a year ago at the age of 31.  He had what they call “locked in syndrome.”  We took him to RIC because it was supposed to be the best place in the country.  Dr. Harvey was/is the Dr.  My son’s stay at RIC was short, the place was disgusting…so understaffed, the nurses and aids apparently had no idea how to care for someone with this kind of stroke, not to mention his basic needs were not even being met.  Having a rare stroke like this had Dr. Harvey’s attention of course.  But he only saw my son 1 time in three weeks.  When I met with Dr. Harvey I voiced my concern about his basic care not being met at RIC.  He literally said..”this meeting is to get an update from his therapist and discuss his treatment.”  He advised me to discuss those kinds of issues with the nurse manager.  I was furious..Needless to say, I don’t care how good they say Dr. Harvey is, we moved my son to MarianJoy were he was treated with respect and dignity.  Sincerely., a mom”

I’m sorry Lisa.  As a therapist, I’m embarrassed, as should all therapists and especially doctors and nurses be.  I’ll be emailing a bunch of people at the RIC with a link to this blog post, I think they might like to read it.

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  1. Thank you for your response Amy. I do want to say that my son had 3 great therapist there, a PT, OT, and Speech therapist. Unfortunately it was difficult for them to do their job when the nurses and aids were not doing theirs. One instance…. I walked into my son’s room and his PT (lovely girl) was trying to change my son and his sheets because they were soaked in urine. And this is suppose to be the number one rehab in the country??? I helped his PT get everything changed, but by then, most of his therapy session was over. My son is doing well, he has a Tobii comunicator and he plans on writing a book about his experience, I am sure he will include his terrible experiences at RIC. Thanks again Amy .

    • So disgusting. My husband had a similar, though not as troubling, experience at an inpatient therapy facility near our house. Similar thing- he would call and ask for help to get to the toilet and they would leave him for so long her wet the bed and then take forever to change it. Sickens me. Brain in just survivors already have lost so much, for god’s sake… People working in the medical industry (especially with these patients) should help them keep their dignity. It frickin fires me up. Wishing the best for you guys, Lisa.

    • Aww you’re welcome, and thanks! PTs and OTs are generally really cool people. 🙂

  2. I totally agree!! i WAS a Dr. Harvey patient. I have found the therapists there to be fantastic!

    • Jane, have you fully recovered? When I moved my son to Marionjoy, Dr. Harvey was no longer his doctor, he didnt care about my son’s basic care, so we did not want him to treat him. My son has a great Dr. from Marionjoy and still goes to therapy there. Alot of the therapists there say they were trained at RIC. I dont know what the deal is at RIC with the nurses and aids. I also wanted to point out I do feel Dr. Harvey has a lack compassion for his patients which seems to be the common thread in the posts.

  3. That is a really sad and unfortunately a common experience in brain rehab. I had a terrible experience with a local facility that had the best “reputation” in my area. I essentially fired them…but it was tricky because they were telling me I was not competent to make the choice to leave because of my injury. I insisted and called a meeting with my husband and all the uppers. They got schooled by this brain injured patient. I went on to have an amazing experience/recovery under the care of a whole different team. Best decision I could have made. 🙂

  4. I just can’t believe how many people in the medical field don’t seem to understand that a brain injury or stroke doesn’t necessarily mean a person has lost their cognitive abilities. My son even spelled out the bad nurses names using his eyes and an alphabet board. Also in his case “locked in syndrome” even though he couldn’t move, he still can feel pain in his limbs and body. I thought I was in the tight zone or something at RIC. Basic things I feel the nurses and aids there should have known.

  5. Arielsark is Lisa, once again trying do a profile on here lol. …sigh…

  6. Lisa needs to be pointed to Kate Allats blog. She recovered from locked in syndrome and lists what hospitals should do for those patients. I can’t link to all these because I’m just on a smartphone. Someone is going to have to get right into RICs’ face and tell them directly they are probably incompetent

    • I actually have Kate’s book, I will look for her blog. I am so happy I posted here, I haven’t posted online about my son’s condition before. It is so good to get support from others in the same situation as even family members don’t understand what’s it’s like to have a loved one in this situation and then to deal with the medical field on top of it. I thank everyone for their support and I will pray for those in the same situation. It has been almost a year since my son’s stroke, he is making so much more progress than they said he would. He has movement on his right side, he can use his right hand (although still very shakey) to eat some soft foods, not solids yet, he uses a mouse for his computer/tobii comunicator. He did get the trachea out after 6 months, he still has a g tube which will be removed when he is able to eat better/swallow…he has severe spasticity on his left side, he is getting botox and bacolfen for that, he will be getting a palet lift in a couple of weeks to help him talk again,, so he has come along way and we are still working hard to go further. Again I can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time to post their you support and for sharing your similar situations…hugs, Lisa

  7. Just for the record, I just read all of the reviews on Yelp about the RIC and they’re absolutely horrible. What the hell’s going on at this place? The best rehab in the country my ass.

    • This problem starts at the top, the president is not doing their job in setting goals and objectives for each department. Dr. Harvey obviously does not have appropriate goals and is not being monitored for meeting those goals. If you want to effect change it probably is best to go directly to the board of directors. That is what a great stroke association would be doing.

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