A friend of mine recently had some swelling and a bruise on her leg and asked me what is the physiological reason behind wrapping things with ACE bandages and wearing braces?  I remembered how I used to explain it to patients and she said it was a really good explanation so I thought I’d blog about it.  The point is mainly to stabilize it so that it doesn’t move.  Also, ACE bandages decrease swelling if they’re wrapped properly.  Think of a cut on your index finger.  If you kept bending your finger and opening the wound it would never heal.  But instead, you slap a band-aid on it and try not to use it for a few days.  The same thing goes for an internal injury.  You strain a ligament or sprain a muscle, you want to make sure it doesn’t move for a while to allow it time to heal.  So you wear a brace for a while to stabilize it and give you the support you need since the injured ligament/muscle can’t do it for a while.  You have a back injury?  Same thing.  You want to be hyper-aware of your posture at all times and try not to bend the spine or move it at all for a few days to allow whatever is the problem to heal.  There you have it!

If that doesn’t help use duct tape, but………

gc duct tape

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  1. But duct tape applied appropriately to skin areas lacking sensation can create massive amounts of sensation overload when removed and that sensation is good for motor recovery.

  2. Brain injury “healing” goes against all other normal types of healing. For brain recovery we must use, repeat, use….If it was only so easy to wrap n rest???

    • If wearing a bandage on my head for a few days would make all this stuff go away – I’d wear a bandage on my head for 2 years if it meant that this would be gone.

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