I was watching this show last night and some lady had a goal she wanted to accomplish by the time she is 45 years old.  I forget what the goal was.  By the time I’m 45 I just want to be able to like, write my name in less than 10 minutes.

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  1. I’m 45 next year. I used to love handwriting and now it’s like torture. Very thankful for computers.
    You know how you have to sign your name when you use a credit card or sign for a package. I just scribble it, now – so depressing
    I wonder how much handwriting you have to do before the ability returns. I cruise around the OT fine motor skills websites looking for all of the handwriting advice. I’ve tried everything but I can’t hold a pen/cil correctly. I hope you reach you goal – you have many years to do it and you have overcome everything else! Give us some good hints if you find any.
    I love Outstanding Grumpy cat.

    • Me too, I just scribble something when I have to sign a credit card receipt. For this reason, I try to always have cash on me. A few days ago, I went to a tanning place – in my previous life I was HIGHLY against tanning salons but now there’s a lot of stuff I do that I’m just like “fuck it, what worse can happen to me?” Anyway, I had to fill out a form at this place and I told the girl I can’t write and asked her to fill out the form for me. She gave me a very strange look and probably thought I was illiterate.

      • That happened to me at a Joann’s craft store. I asked the lady if I could take it home and fill it out because I had a stroke and it would take forever. She said that she would fill it out for me and then told me about her grandma that had a stroke.
        When you are out in public with strangers, do you ever tell people that you have had a stroke?
        I didn’t use to but now, if I’m in situations that people notice the difference, I will tell them about it. Having a stroke sucked, but I survived it and I don’t mind telling people about it. Most of them will never know how much it sucked.

        • I’m actually the opposite. I used to immediately tell people, but now I don’t. I just let people think I’m a little f’ed up because my interaction with them will only be a few minutes and I’ll most likely never see them again.

  2. Hmm, I’d have to subtract a decade or two for the 45 mark, but I wouldn’t mind doing it.

    I hate filling in forms! Almost as much as writing out checks with my left hand. It seemed a lot easier to do when I was younger. (sigh)

  3. I never learned to type with both hands, so losing my left side hasn’t been as bad as for some others. My left hand was never that clever or productive except in the kitchen. I sure miss it there though. We keep trying. My therapist exp[ected me to be able to do things I never could on my best day.So it’s unlikely that I am going to learn to be ambidextrous and make my left hand function. Not likely

    • I really wish I taught myself to be ambidextrous before the stroke. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20!

    • Yes, , Marta, OT’s have annoyed me by measuring my left-side hand strength and comparing it to my right-side, as though my affected hand was EVER as capable as my right. My left hand was good for very few things pre-stroke, but it helped while rowing, writing checks, in the kitchen, and driving.

  4. You are outstanding Amy! I love grumpy cat…I am 50 already and will be 51 next year…..still goal less, they tried to tell me when I was young to have a goal but I had so many and never chose….I actually feel like I have lots more time to decide.

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